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Africa Logistics and Warehousing Market to Reach around USD 80 billion by 2023: Ken Research

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication “Africa Logistics and Warehousing Outlook to 2023- By Countries (South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Namibia and Botswana), Freight Forwarding (Mode of Freight (Road, Rail, Air, Sea and Pipeline), By End Users and by Contract Logistics and Integrated Logistics Warehousing (Type of Warehouses, By End Users and by Contract and Integrated Logistics) believe that the Logistics and Warehousing market of the continent is at its growing stage. Growth in the intra regional trade would help boost the market.

Africa Logistics and Warehousing Market Cover Page

The growth of the retail sector in Africa can help boost the logistics sector of Africa. The retail industry logistics is expected to grow by double digits by 2020. Furthermore the government of Algeria has plans for the construction of a deep water port at El Hamdania which would also act as a catalyst for the growth of logistics in Africa.

A “One Stop Border Post” is being developed between Kenya and Tanzania in order to boost the trade and tourism. The 240km road is of much importance to the East African and spreads from Tunduma in southern Tanzania to Moyale in northern Kenya and onwards to Addis Adada. This would facilitate the movement of goods across the region.

More than 70% of the world’s largest consumer goods companies are already operating in Africa, and there are a number of high-profile companies making big bets in the region.

Growing internet penetration across the continent is increasing market connectivity by putting more customers online and allowing businesses to use cloud services. This would continue to drive innovation in the logistics sector as African startups find ways to cut out intermediaries, remove burdensome operational processes, and optimize supply chains.

 Business-to-business (B2B) focused startups will continue to drive the growth of African logistics sectors. While consumer-facing logistics players are seeing promising growth due to rapid urbanization and rising ecommerce penetration, enterprise-focused companies are expected to dominate Africa’s logistics sector in the short to medium term. The low demand for consumer goods due to low purchasing power in many African markets and the lack of reliable addresses for last-mile delivery has given rise to the B2B startups. As a result, the most viable option for logistics startups will continue to meet the needs of businesses.

AfCFTA promises to unlock Africa’s economic potential by boosting the intra-regional trade. Eritrea is the only African country which is not a part of the agreement. By the end of 2018 only 15% of the African exports went to other African countries as compared to the intra-trade levels of 58% in Asia and 67% in Europe. If the trade agreement turns out to be successful the intra-African trade is expected to boost by 52.3% by 2022.

Key Segments Covered:-

Africa Logistics and Warehousing:

By Service Mix (Freight Forwarding, Warehousing and Courier and Parcel Activities)

Africa Freight Forwarding:

By Mode of Service (Road Freight, Rail Freight, and Air Freight)

By Contract and Integrated Logistics

By End Users (Food, Beverages and Consumer Retail, Automotive and Healthcare and Others)

Africa Warehousing

By Type of Warehouses (Open, Closed, Cold Storage)

By End Users (Food and Beverages, Automotive, Consumer Retail, Healthcare and Others)

By Contract and Integrated Warehousing

Africa Companies Covered

Bollore Africa Logistics

Kuehne Nagel



DSV Panalpine

CEVA Logistics

DB Schenker

Country Profiles







South Africa

Key Target Audience

Freight Forwarding Companies

Freight Forwarding Consultancy Companies

Contact Logistics  Companies

Warehousing Companies

Warehousing Consultancies

Venture Capitalists, PE

Freight Tech Companies

Investment Banks

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period – 2013-2018

Forecast Period – 2019(F) -2023 (F)

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Logistics Infrastructure in Africa

Africa Freight Forwarding Market Overview

Africa Freight Forwarding Market Size

Country Profiles (Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa)

Competitive Scenario in Africa Freight Forwarding Market

Company Profiles of Major Players in Africa Freight Forwarding Market

Africa Freight Forwarding Market Future Outlook and Projections

Africa Freight Forwarding Future Market Size

Africa Freight Forwarding Market Future Segmentation

Analyst Recommendations

Africa Warehousing Market Sixe

Competitive Scenarios in Africa Warehousing Market

Africa Warehousing Future Outlook and Projections

Warehousing Future Market Size and Segmentation

Analyst recommendation

Snapshot on Africa Courier , Express and Parcels Market

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Africa Logistics and Warehousing Market

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