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It is Always Important to Understand the End-User Need: Ken Research

End User Analysis Ken Research:

End User Analysis is a term used in decision process including product design, knowledge supervision and nearly any industry where products are developed for “end-users.” End-users are all the people who will use the finished product. No matter the field, end-user analysis covers the customer requirements which needs to be fulfilled and how to best fulfill such needs.

Identification of End Customers

It is important to identify the end consumer, and one of the best ways out is the need based assessment or the key questions present to the end-users associated to product or the service being designed. Knowing the users exactly on the need assists in accomplishing and listening to the responses.

The questionnaire may also act as a breakthrough for all the probable needs and requirement that the product should accomplish, one of such easy technique includes considering on how product or the software may be used on a daily basis while brainstorm user needs.

Our End user analysis consists of analyzing the market research based on the following:

  • Researching available data.
  • User base segmentation.
  • User groups should be identified as early as potential in the new product development process.
  • When the user groups are well-known, their demands can be added to the product specification.
  • Interviewing product developers.

Analyze end users for business need

The aim of our end user focused analysis exercise is to provide a clear understanding of requirements as to act as an early input to the projects ready for executions. Our analysis focus includes the design work and those issues which are central to the success of a product or system in the eyes of the end-users.

Typical information gathering and analysis for the end user methods include:

Surveys-These include both open-ended and subject driven surveys to Analyze End User Business Needs

Interviews- Interviews are conducted to under the key elements or information desired by the client

Focus groups- the information from the focus groups are useful for discussing user requirements and brainstorming ideas.

Field studies- Based on the information available the end-user situation and the environment in which any new product or system may be used is useful in understanding and analyzing the end user business needs

Evaluation of an existing product – In order to develop the complete understanding wide range of useful information and evaluation associated to good or bad aspects of current solutions are studied and analyzed.

Task analysis -This includes an analysis of users work with a system, assisting in analyzing on how user’s work tasks may be supported by functionality with in a system.

Usage Details- This includes an illustrative data of users, characteristics, usage situation, tasks & goals and particularly useful in supporting early user interface design work.

Develop End User to Create More Demand

  1. Social Selling- We help clients to influence Social Media platform to drive key message to their end-users.
  2. Digital Marketing- We also assists in providing the right platforms with the right message to appropriate audience and with the precise content and true landing page. We also assist channel partners to develop a digital marketing content.
  3. Broadcasting and others- We use E-mailing which is still cost-effective digital marketing campaign. We can further customized e-mail campaigns to prospect partner’s end-users that can teach how to do things correct.

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