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APAC AI in Healthcare Market driven by Government Initiatives, Investments & Collaborations in the Sector, Emergence of New Startups, Increasing Adoption of Healthcare AI Technology in Developing Countries: Ken Research

APAC AI in Healthcare Market has been facilitated by increasing awareness about the application of artificial intelligence in healthcare which will further be complemented by supportive legislation and regulations. It is necessary for investors and end-users to know that AI-enabled knowledge management does not necessitate the replacement of human experts. Rather, the errands are supposed to be executed by human experts with the support of AI-enabled services. Moreover, the need of the hour in the coming years shall revolve around the need to digitalize every physical field datasets which would then be integrated with online datasets to explore the full customer journey with AI-enabled solutions. There is a call for managing excess of services with different parties to unlock the virtual assistant to execute more complicated and intuitive tasks.

The major growth in the APAC region can be accredited to Japan with the presence of high-level R&D Infrastructure and government initiatives including Japan Revitalization Strategy, Robotic Care Equipment Development and Introduction Project, Jisedai Iryo-kiban and others. However, with growing Chinese AI startups, China is expected to lead the way by 2025.

A notable increase in the efficiency of medical procedures and diagnosis can be seen with increased AI application in processes such as clinical trials, drug discovery, robot assisted surgeries and others.

Pharmaceutical companies have been one of the key end-user segments to take interest in AI. Some of the software used by Pharmaceutical companies in drug development includes Deep 6 AI software, Edge CTMS, MasterControl CQMS, OpenClinica, Clinical Research IO, LifeSphere CTMS and others.

The major companies competing in the market were observed to be IBM, Intel, Microsoft Corporation, NIVEDIA Corp, iCarbonX, Oncora Medical, Alphabet Inc., Next IT Verint Corporation, Welltok Incorporation in 2018.

As per the Research Analyst from Ken Research, “A noted gap in demand and supply of skilled human resources for the medical sector can be observed thereby making it one of the major factors driving the need for AI in the healthcare industry. The case has been more severe in rural regions of developing countries like India, Indonesia, and the Philippines. AI applications in assisting surgeries, medical diagnosis and the overall record keeping have helped replace the lack of doctors and skilled healthcare professionals in these areas.”

“AI growth is expected to burst in the future wherein it is expected to over capture the market. The incorporation and use cases of AI healthcare have a lot of potentials thus making it talk of the future and technology of the future healthcare industry.”-Swarn Prakash, AI Healthcare Industry Expert

The latest publication on “APAC Healthcare AI Market Outlook to 2025 – By Applications (Machine/Robot Assisted Medical Procedures, Clinical Trial & Drug Discovery/Development, Preliminary Diagnosis, Administrative Workflow Assistance, Virtual Nursing Assistant, Fraud Detection, Dosage Error Reduction), by Countries, by End Users & by Technologies and Current Investment Scenario” believe that the market is expected to register positive CAGR of close to 54% in terms of revenue generated by Artificial Intelligence Providers in Healthcare during the forecasted period 2018-2025E.

Key Segments Covered in APAC AI in Healthcare Market:-

By Technology (On the basis of Revenue)

Deep Learning Method

Querying Method

Natural Language Processing

Context-Aware Processing

By Application (On the basis of Revenue)

Machine/Robot Assisted Medical Procedures

Clinical Trial & Drug Discovery/Development

Preliminary Diagnosis

Administrative Workflow Assistance

Virtual Nursing Assistant

Fraud Detection

Dosage Error Reduction

Others (including Fitness & Wellness Tech (Physical Fitness, Mind & Body Wellness)

By End Users (On the basis of Revenue)

Hospitals/Clinics/Healthcare Providers

Medical Devices Companies

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Companies

Others Including Payers and Other Software Providers

By Country (On the basis of Revenue)






Rest of APAC

Key Target Audience

Hospitals, Clinics, and Healthcare Providers

Medical Device Manufacturers

Insurance Providers

AI Developers

Healthcare Software Providers

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology Companies

Research Institutes

Venture Capital Firms

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period – 2013-2018

Forecast Period – 2019-2025

Companies Covered:


NVIDIA Corporation


Microsoft Corporation


Alphabet Inc.

Next IT Verint Corporation

Welltok Incorporation

Oncora Medical

Entilic Incorporation

Koninklijke Philips

General Vision

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

APAC AI in Healthcare Value Chain & Ecosystem

APAC AI in Healthcare Market Size Analysis, 2013– 2018

APAC Healthcare AI Market Segmentation, 2013-2025E

Innovation, Adoption and Application Gap – Comparison of APAC with Europe & US

Regulatory Framework in APAC AI in Healthcare Market

Case Studies on Various Application Areas of AI in Healthcare, 2013-2018

Competitive Landscape in APAC AI in Healthcare Market, 2018

Company Profiling Of Major Players Operating in APAC Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Market

Investment Scenario- Healthcare in AI, 2018


Markets of Investment Activity

Future Market Sizing Analysis, 2019E-2025E

For More Information On The Research Report, Refer To Below Link:-

APAC Healthcare AI Market Outlook to 2025

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