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Home Market Research The global drug testing market is expected to reach USD 12 Bn...

The global drug testing market is expected to reach USD 12 Bn USD by 2028. Will the Global drug testing market stand on this projected figure? : Ken Research

1.Global Impact of Substance Abuse

 Deaths Caused Due to Substance Abuse (Tobacco, Alcohol and Illicit Drugs) around the World in Millions, 2012-2019Drug Abuse Testing Devices Industry in Global

Trends and Developments in Global Drug Testing Market

Over the years, the use of drugs has been increasing across the world which has been a major reason for growth of drug abuse testing devices. In the recent past, there have been a few countries which also have legalized the use of marijuana. With this, the office regulations have also become stringent in order to keep a check on the working conditions of the individuals so as to prevent them from working when they are under the influence of drugs and to maintain decorum for their safety and other in the working environment. Hence, workplace drug testing’s becoming a common practice amongst a number of organizations in order to supervise and ensure safety of all of its employees. The effect of drugs can be extremely harmful. For instance, it weakens the immune system, can cause heart conditions from abnormal heart rates to heart attacks and blood vessel infections from injected drugs, lung diseases along with seizures and brain damage are also caused due to excessive intake of drugs.

2. Global Drug Abuse Testing Market LifecycleGermany Drug Abuse Testing Devices Market

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Introduction 1980s-2000: The initial tests mainly focused on urine testing as traces for drugs would persist in it for 8-10 hours. There were very few companies which manufactured drug testing devices at that time. 

Growth 2000-2040: As doping incidents increased, more attention was given to drug testing and more companies entered the market with the introduction of new testing devices to detect the drug consumption. The sample increased from urine to even hair and nails. Drug Testing is used in Work places, for Research, in Schools and for Criminal Justice.

Maturity >2040s: The growing number of companies as well as the innovation in technology in the Drug abuse testing devices has made it one of the most promising markets in the diagnostic segment. A number of workplaces and schools have incorporated random drug testing and have also included this clause in the contract before the employee joins a given firm. Similar laws are expected to come in future in other countries.

3. Global Illicit Cocaine Manufacturing and the Approach of Law Enforcement to it.

The estimated global illicit manufacture of cocaine also reached an all-time high of 1,976 tons in 2017, an increase of 25.0% compared to 2016. At the same time, the global quantity of cocaine seized in 2017 rose by 13.0%to 1,275 tons, and becoming the largest quantity ever reported till that time.

A number of countries in Europe have legalized the use of drugs leading to an increase in the demand for drug testing devices. There has also been a shift towards cost-effective, non-invasive and fast testing methods to replace traditional method including blood, urine, oral and hair testing.

Within the Asia Pacific region, the use of sensor based devices has been growing and technologies using fingerprints as a sample are being introduced.

The laws with respect to drug consumption and drug possession are extremely strict in the LAMEA region. With the help of this, the consumption of illegal drugs is also minimal in this region. For example, in Saudi Arabia the possession or consumption of drugs can lead to a death penalty. The share of the LAMEA region towards the global market of drug abuse testing devices was estimated to be 8.0% in 2019.

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