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Australia Catering Services Market Is Expected to Grow Owing to High-Quality Catering Facilities and Services in Remote Locations and Technological Advancement: Ken Research

Australia’s Catering Services Market is at a growing stage and has a consolidated market with about the top 4 players accounting for majority of the share in the catering business in the country. The Catering Services Market in Australia has seen the emergence of more players over the past 5 years. Sodexo Australia, Compass Group, and Downer EDI Limited are market leaders in Australia.   

Australia Catering Services Market

Key Findings

  • There is a direct operational presence of all major global catering vendors in the top-tier cities of Australia as well as some large regional and local players in the market.
  • There is a growing emphasis among buyers toward sustainable sourcing and the adoption of technology to improve the customer experience and reduce waiting times for food.
  • Government/Defense Catering holds a significant share of the end-user segment of catering services in Australia. There are very few companies that exist in this sector.

Demand for Healthier Fresh Food among Corporate Buyers: The Australian catering services market is being aided by the increase in demand for healthier fresh food among corporate buyers. The food service operators will be shifting their focus on offering healthier meals prepared from fresh ingredients at the location’s kitchen and decreasing their dependence on frozen prepared foods. The growing emphasis on the adoption of technology to improve the customer experience and reduce time wasted waiting for food will be augmenting the market growth in the future. The rapid increase of new catering businesses in the country will trigger a rise in the demand for specialized catering services. In the coming years, the suppliers will be improving their supply capability while adopting performance-based metrics for evaluation and performance monitoring, thus, providing further impetus for industry growth.    

Growing Health Consciousness around the country: Australia’s Catering services have included healthy eating options, such as organic foods, a balanced vegan diet, and healthy snacks due to the trend of growing health consciousness around the country. Locally sourced fresh farm produce will be in high demand for fruits, vegetables, and meat products, further driving the catering services market further. Frozen and processed food is being avoided due to rising quality concerns and issues related to food safety. The increase in the growing penetration of mobile-based payment solutions, such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Android Pay, gives customers the convenience of making payments through online wallets without the need to carry cash while reducing the time taken for payments at the counter, further invigorating the catering services market growth.

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Customized Menus and Dining Experiences: The Australian catering services market is being propelled forward as catering is being used as a talent attraction and retention tool by several corporate offices. An increasing number of companies are showcasing their dining services as an attraction by providing an additional employee benefit, rather than just a meal to attract and retain talent. The companies are offering customized menus and dining experiences to the employees at a subsidized rate, which is becoming a norm to attract and retain the best talent by enhancing employee satisfaction and morale. Such a holistic dining experience also encourages employees to eat together and build a sense of belonging to the company. This, as a result, will give rise to a lot of themed restaurants and fine-dining eateries on campus.   

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication Australia Catering Services Market Outlook To 2027F – By Event Catering, Industrial, Education, Flight, Healthcare, Corporate, and Other Cateringobserved the potential of the Catering Services Market in Australia. The change in consumer preferences, health-conscious among the population, technological advancement in the catering business, increasing tourism, along with rising demand for ready to eat outdoor food and increased accessibility around the country is expected to contribute to the market growth over the forecast period. The Australia Catering Services Market is expected to grow at ~% CAGR over the forecasted period 2022-2027F.    

Key Segments Covered in the report

Australia Catering Service Market

  • By Type:
  • Contract catering
  • Non-Contract catering
  • By Length of Contract:
  • Short-Term
  • 1 year
  • More than 1 year
  • By End Users:
  • Industrial
  • Government
  • In-Flight
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Event
  • Healthcare
  • Others

Key Target Audience

  • Airline Catering Companies
  • Fine Dining Caterers
  • School Caterers
  • Hotels
  • Industrial Caterers
  • Government Bodies
  • Facility Management Companies
  • Industries
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

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Time Period Captured in the Report:

  • Historical Year: 2017-2022
  • Base Year: 2022
  • Forecast Period: 2022– 2027F

Companies Covered:

  • Sirrom Corporation
  • Nisbet Australia
  • Alpha Flight Services
  • Life’s a party group
  • Compass Group
  • Sodexo Australia
  • Spotless Group Holdings Limited
  • Downer EDI
  • Luckman Catering
  • Fresh Catering
  • Damn Fine Food
  • Gastronomy
  • Yarra Valley Catering
  • Paella Amor

Key Topics Covered in the Report

  • Executive Summary of the Australian Catering Service Market
  • Australian Catering Service Market Introduction and Value Chain Analysis
  • Australian Catering Service Market Size, 2017-2022
  • Australian Catering Service Market Segmentation, 2022
  • Snapshot on Food & Beverage Industry
  • Best Selling MENUSs – End user segment-wise
  • Trends and Developments in Australian Catering Service Market
  • Issues and Challenges in Australian Catering Service Market
  • Porter’s Five Forces Analysis for Australian Catering Service Market
  • Regulatory Framework in Australian Catering Service Market
  • Comparative Landscape in the Australian Catering Service Market
  • Australian Catering Service Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2022-2027F
  • Analyst Recommendations

For more information on the research reports, refer to below link:

Australia Catering Services Market Outlook To 2027F: Ken Research

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