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Brazil Medical Device Industry Analysis: Ken Research

How Brazil Medical Device Market Is Positioned?

Medical Device market in Brazil is highly dependent on imports of highly complex technical equipment wherein the currency exchange fluctuations may decline the profit margins of the manufacturers in the country.

Moreover, in 1990, the Brazilian government also installed its free Universal health system (SUS) for the Brazilian population which increased the number of people going to hospitals for required consultations and surgeries. The Medical Device Market in Brazil is at a growing stage, owing to the presence of many international manufacturers in the country. The industry is booming with the Universal Health System (SUS), the growing elderly population (Above 65 Years) and growing investment in R&D for the manufacturing of new equipment in Brazil.

The reported number of death cases due to cardiovascular disease and cancer accounted for the highest percentage share of ~% and ~% respectively in the proportion of total mortality due to different diseases in the year 2016.

The Revenue in terms of the value of Medical Devices at the manufacturer’s level was evaluated at USD ~ Billion in 2013. The market grew with a CAGR of ~% in the time period of 2013-2018 and was evaluated at USD ~ Billion in 2018.

Growth in Medical devices market was affected by the 2015 economic crisis as unemployment in Brazil led to a number of uninsured people in Brazil. This further became a reason for people not going with healthcare services in Brazil.  However, the economy is recovering.

How Brazil Medical Device Market Is Segmented?

By Business Activity

Brazil Medical Device market is moderately fragmented with around ~ domestic and ~ international manufacturers. High complex Medical Device equipment is majorly imported in the country due to the unavailability of raw materials. On the other hand, low complex devices that majorly include medical consumables are manufactured in the country by domestic manufacturers.

By Mode of Selling

Indirect Sales of Medical Devices in Brazil accounted for the highest revenue share of ~% during the year 2018 in terms of revenues largely due to the concentration of production activities of medical devices in the Country. Direct Sales, on the other hand, accounted for ~% share in terms of revenue during the year 2018.

By Type of Device

Reagents for In-Vitro Diagnostics accounted for the highest percentage share of ~% during the year 2018 due to the growing interest of the Brazilian prenatal screening and molecular testing technologies. Materials and Supplies which includes Syringes, needles, catheters, bandages, dressings, suturing Materials have accounted for ~% of the Brazil’s medical device market share in 2018.

By End Users

Hospitals in Brazil accounted for the highest percentage share of ~% in the year 2018 largely due to the presence of number of hospitals and the volume being demanded by different departments in the Hospitals. Clinics and Diagnostic labs accounted for ~% share in terms of revenue in 2018, as an only specific set of medical devices, are used for the examination purposes at the laboratories.

By Region

Southeast Region in Brazil accounted for the highest revenue share of ~% in 2018 largely due to the number of hospitals and diagnostic labs in that region. In 2018, the South region is the second highest region with ~% share in terms of revenue followed by South, Midwest, and North.

How Is The Competitive Landscape Of Medical Devices Market In Brazil?

Medical Device Market in Brazil is moderately fragmented with domestic and international players wherein the less complicated devices are manufactured in Brazil and high complex devices are largely imported.

The manufacturers in Brazil majorly compete on the basis of Business Model, Office Locations, Business Segments, Major Specialization and Subsidiaries. Major International players that are operating in Brazil are Johnson and Johnson Medical Devices, Medtronic, Boston Scientific Corporation, B. Braun, Becton Dickinson, Baxter International and Stryker International.

The companies in Brazil are operating indifferent business segments with more focus on indirect sales channel so as to cater larger target audience.

Future Outlook and Projections for Brazil Medical Device Market

Brazil Medical Device revenue is anticipated to increase from USD ~ billion in 2018 to USD ~ billion by the year ending 2025 at a CAGR of ~ % during the period 2018-2025F with respect to multiple factors that include growing per capita health expenditure, improving insurance penetration, a growing aging population, rising investment in R&D activities, technology and product development, advancements in connectivity, growth in healthcare mobile applications and improvements in Universal healthcare system (SUS) in Brazil. Increasing government health expenditure coupled with the growing number of chronic diseases including HIV and cancer will drive the demand medical device in the near future in Brazil.

Key Segments Covered:-

By Business Activity


Local Production)

By Sales Channel


Direct Sales

By Type of Device

Reagents for In-Vitro Diagnostics

Materials and Supplies

Laboratory Equipment

Orthosis and Prosthesis

Diagnostic Imaging and Supplies

Dentistry Equipments

Hospital Furniture

Other Hospital Equipments

By Type of End User



Diagnostic Lab Centers and Others

By Region






Key Target Audience

Medical Device Manufacturers

Medical Device Distributors

Medical Device Importers

Government Agencies

IVD Device Companies

Orthopedic Device Companies

Hospital Furniture Manufacturers

Diagnostic Imaging Device Companies

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2013- 2018

Forecast Period: 2019 – 2025

Companies Covered:

J&J Medical


Baxter International Becton and Dickinson

Boston Scientific

  1. Braun

Terumo Medical Corporation

Edwards Life Sciences

Stryker International



Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Brazil Medical Device Market Growth Revenue

Brazil Medical Device Hospital Market Sales

Brazil In-Vitro Device Market

Brazil Medical Device Market Revenue

Brazil Diagnostic Imaging Market Analysis

Brazil Hospital Furniture Market Revenue

Brazil Laboratory Equipment Market

Brazil Dentistry Equipment Market Revenue

Competition of Brazil Medical Device Companies

J&J Medical Brazil Medical Device Market Share

Medtronic Brazil Medical Device Market Competitors

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Brazil Medical Device Market Analysis

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