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China Logistics Industry grew and reached to ~ 10 Trillion in 2020 owing to the rising Investments and Improving Infrastructure: Ken Research

1. The Logistics Industry is expected to witness a Rise in Digital Freight Brokers, Improvement in Infrastructure and Growth in Automation

China Logistics Market

The China Logistics Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~7.5% over the forecasted period (2023-2025F) with warehousing market expected to increase its market share marginally. Digital Freight Brokers are expected to expand in the market with an average CAGR of >20%, leading to the industry becoming more organized while Intermodal Freight Logistics Parks and other infrastructure projects are also expected to rise in future paving way for better logistic services in the country.

Moreover, initiatives like Infrastructure push by the government aimed at increasing efficiency of the supply chain, as the government plans to promote rail and road freight network will serve as a catalyst for the overall logistics market in China. It is also predicted that the warehousing industry will witness an increase in use of technology and automation as major players adopt robotics technology in order to gain return on investment in less time than it took before and remain competitive.

2. The 3PL Market of China is highly fragmented with large number of companies focused on Consumer Retail sector

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China’s has one of the largest 3PL Markets in the world. The Industry grew at a CAGR of 13.4% from RMB 1 Trillion in 2015 to RMB 2.0 Trillion in 2020.The 3PL Market in China is highly fragmented and consists of companies which are generally small in scale, with single service functions.  In this context, the industry is expected to usher in a new round of concentration & integration in future to provide full set of services to the clients.

In terms of competition, China Contract Logistics industry is dominated by logistics subsidiaries of large foreign & domestic companies, and the market for private third-party companies is relatively small ( 40 – 50% of top 50 Companies). 47% of 3PL Logistic services in China are focused on consumer retail sector followed by ~13% in Automobile Sector, ~12% in Pharmaceutical Sector, ~11% in Electronics sector and ~16% in other sectors such as Chemicals, etc.

3. China Warehousing Industry generated a Revenue of RMB 0.8 Trillion from 2,010 Mn Sqm Logistics Infrastructure Supply in 2020

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In recent years, China’s logistics has grown steadily with huge investments, which has driven the increase in storage costs year by year. In 2020, China’s warehousing cost reached RMB 5.4 Tr, a year-on-year increase of 7.4%, accounting for 34% of the cost of the logistics industry. In 2020, China had 7000+ automated three-dimensional warehouses covering an area of more than 3.5 Mn sqm. These have grown at a CAGR of ~8.8% from 2015-2019 and are expected to show higher growth in the future owing to increasing demand.


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