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Dhl Express Is Leading The Cep Egypt Logistics Market, Will It Be Able To Maintain Its Dominance In Future? – Ken Research

DHL EXPESS is considered as the most trusting Logistics tracker and delivery company in logistics market in Egypt. Established in the year 1970 in Cairo, it has the most number of shipments annually. It plays domestically as well as internationally. Leading in the Logistics market, it has 31 hubs in all over Egypt.


  • DHL Express have the biggest platforms to manage their maritime, airfreight and other Freight forwarding networks resulting in its control over the Egypt logistics market.
  • DHL express is having joint ventures with Art d’Egypte and Audi volkswagon in Egypt and making the whole control in the market a real deal.
  • Constant expansion by adding 6 branches and strategic investment of EGP 350m, by DHL is securing its lead from other logistics market players and for upcoming times.

Egypt Logistics Market

According to Ken research, DHL express is the leading Courier Express and Parcel Egypt Logistics market player with over 850,000 shipments annually. Currently, DHL Express operates a network of 19 service points across Egypt.

DHL Express is also a key investor in the country’s local economy, with more than $33 million (EGP1 billion) in investments which is a showcase of domination of its control over the market.

  • Exploring in future ventures and collaborations with Ethaid rail and Behrain airport company is ensuring its top position in future of logistics market in Egypt.

1. DHL EXPRESS has management platforms for smooth logistics

Egypt Logistics Market

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  • DHL has services in all sectors, which include Airfreight, ocean freight, road freight, rail freight. It uses IoT and technology for smooth tracking and shipments. It spearhead retail automation and will be supporting e-commerce systems for postal services and fortifying Egypt as a major distribution hub for the African continent. This comes as a global strategy to work on more systems automation and enable digital transformation in the Egyptian market.
  • They also have digital integration with Adobe commerce. Shopify, Woo commerce and Prestahsop.
  • Moreover, the company already employs over 500 Egyptians for smooth operations and providing end-to-end solutions.

2. DHL Express future joining ventures is making it lead the chart

Egypt Logistics Market

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  • DHL Express Egypt collaborates with Art d’Egypte and acts as the logistics partner tasked with shipping and storing all pieces exhibited during the second edition of “Forever is Now”. This partnership sees DHL Express Egypt responsible for storing, shipping, and domestically transporting over 200 local and international artworks to be exhibited during the event.
  • According to the DHL express, their collaboration is increasing between DHL and the gas sector and energy industry in general. They own the largest share market from which 10-15% shares are on energy sector. Company is keen to develop its business in the Egyptian market due to the flourishing investment climate and business performance in Egypt.
  • Within the past five years, the company has achieved a growth rate of 50%. They invest more than $33 million in the sector and hence becoming the key investor in the market.
  • Audi Volkswagon Middle East announces collaboration with DHL in the Middle East including Egypt. In addition, they have ties with Ethaid rail and Behrain airport company for smooth import and export. Also they are working with Egypt Post to provide new and innovative services to stimulate rapid shipping traffic.


Egypt Logistics Market

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  • DHL Express operates a network of 19 service points across Egypt and is now constantly expanding, as DHL Express will increase the frequency of flights serving Egypt to enhance efficiency and boost trade connectivity.
  • DHL Express has almost 45% of the international express market in Egypt and they plan to expand further by increasing tourism.
  • DHL EXPRESS has 33 branches and six are ready to join them and thus easier for any logistical service available anywhere in Egypt. DHL continued its expansion plan in Egypt and invested EGP 350m, as part of our total EGP 500m investment, in the new cargo terminal at Cairo International Airport.


Following the article, we came to know that DHL Express is not only the oldest and trusted Egypt logistic market player but also an ongoing developing and updating firm. It has solid futuristic ventures, which would create a significant change in the market. Their constant expansion, which is undergoing makes it the biggest firm in current scenario of the Logistic market of Egypt. They have created a strong hold on this sector by taking constant strategic decisions to make it stronger. It has almost generated annual revenue of EUR 60.4bn in 2017 and is expected to rise ~5% every year.


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