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Europe Machine Tools Market will be Driven by Modernization of Existing Industries in Western Europe and New Manufacturing Facilities in Eastern Europe: Ken Research

Europe Machine Tool Market by Type of Cutting Tools (Machining Centres and Flexible machines, Turning Machine, Laser and electric discharge machine, Milling machines, Grinding, honing, lapping and polishing machines, Transfer machines, Gear cutting and finishing machines, Drilling machines, boring machines and boring-milling machines, Sawing and cutting-off machines), by Forming tools (Forging machines and hammers (including presses), Wire working machines, Bending, folding and straightening machines, Shearing, punching, notching machines), by end users (Automobile Industry, Aerospace, Energy, Engineering, Electrical and Electronics, and Others) and by sales Channel (Distributor and Direct)

  • Italy is expected to register highest growth among the top three largest Machine tool markets in the Europe. It will be driven by high domestic demand and production in the economy.
  • Domestic production in Europe is expected to improve but will be largely driven by demand for exports within and outside Europe.
  • Germany may lose its position as the largest market for machine tools in Europe to Italy.


Expected Market Growth and Structure: Machine tools market in Europe is expected to register decline in growth rate due to poor manufacturing scenario. Impact of Brexit and tension related to trade between the US and China is expected to die down in view of larger interest of the global economy creating a positive business environment suitable for promotion in growth of manufacturing and demand for machine tools. The market is in matured stage in majority of the western European countries which were once the manufacturing hubs of Europe.

Role of Intelligent Automation, AI and Big Data: Investment in associated sectors such as AI, IoT, Cloud Computing, automation and their integration in machine tools will enhance the competitiveness of European machine tools companies. Development of additive technology is the major areas where many European machine tool companies have enhanced their focus. European machine tools manufacturing units have very strong focus on R&D and continuously adopt these developments in their product portfolio.

Improving Demand in Eastern European Countries: Western Europe factories rely on a reputation built on past success, most Eastern European factories are offering similar or advanced high standards. Eastern European countries offer many incentives to attract foreign investment and encourage companies to build new factories. High ethics standard and better compliance to standard laws among Eastern European nation is the key factor of choice over Asian countries.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication “Europe Machine Tool Market Outlook to 2023 by Type of Machine (Cutting and Forming), By End Users (Automobile Industry, Aerospace, Energy, Engineering, Electrical and Electronics, and Others) and by Sales Channel (Distributor and Direct)expect that with introduction of new technology and growing demand from Eastern European Countries will have positive impact on the market. The focus on development of high precision and intelligent machines will drive the demand for European manufactured machine tools. It is expected that European machine tools market will register a five year CAGR of 6.8% during the period 2018-2023.

Key Segments Covered:-

By Type of Machine Tools

Cutting Machine Tool

Forming Machine Tool

By End Users

Automobile Industry




Electrical and Electronics


By Sales Channel

Direct Sales

Distributor Sales

By Country





Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period – 2013-2018

Forecast Period – 2019-2023

Key Companies Covered:-


DMG Mori Aktiengesellschaft



Gregory Fischer Machining Solution





Flow International


600 Groups



Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Executive Summary

Research Methodology

Value Chain in Europe Machine Tool Market

Europe Machine Tool Market Size, 2013-2018

Europe Machine Tool Market Segmentation, 2013-2018

Snapshot on Germany Machine Tool Market

Snapshot on Italy Machine Tool Market

Snapshot on France Machine Tool Market

Snapshot on Switzerland Machine Tool Market

Trends and Developments in Europe Machine Tool Market

Issues and Challenges in Europe Machine Tool Market

Competitive Landscape in Europe Machine Tool Market

Europe Machine Tool Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2019-2023

Analyst Recommendations in Europe Machine Tool Market

For more information on the market research report please refers to the link below:-

Italy Machine Tools Industry

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The customers in the market are price sensitive and lack awareness about the importance of power tools which has resulted in low penetration in the market. Electric Power Tools are used by both local manufacturers and construction companies in the country. However, people prefer purchasing from established players when compared to local manufacturers due to trust in quality of products and their existing brand image. Hence, the established players have majority share in the power tools market.

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Vietnam Pumps Market in terms of revenue has increased at a positive double digit CAGR during the period 2013-2018. Currently, the market is at growing stage, with few major companies operating in this space which has provided manufacturers the freedom to decide pricing patterns for various centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. End customers had mainly focused on important parameters such as quality, efficiency and after sales service of pumps rather than price while purchasing pumps. The increasing demand for Water filtration projects and new industrial Manufacturing units led to an increase in sales of Pumps in Vietnam. Global players started entering the market through 100.0% owned subsidiaries, some even stared Manufacturing Plants such as Ebara in the year 2013.

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