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Providing A Plethora Of Services Under One Roof Can Be A Mantra For Success In Qatar’s Fitness Services Market– How Has Covid Changed Qatar’s Fitness Landscape? Ken Research

Home exercise complements gym participation rather than competes with it. The digital revenue of homebased fitness services has been around USD 7 Mn in 2020.

1. The impact of COVID-19 on Qatar’s fitness industry – Gyms and fitness centers were forced to close abruptly during the pandemic.

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Facing months with no income from memberships, gyms turned to offering classes online for free, or for a fraction of their regular cost. But with running costs continuing to stay high for many, mounting bills forced closure of many gyms in Qatar in 2020.

There were nearly 15% footfall reduction in the number of gyms as well as about 5% memberships saw cancellation during the pandemic hit.

Membership renewals also saw a dip.  More than 30% of the industry employees were laid off due to COVID with personal trainers switching to freelancing in digital content such as Instagram and Facebook to stay afloat.

2. What Comprehensive prevention measures were adopted by fitness centers in Qatar to stay afloat?

Prevention Measures During Covid

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  • Traditional gyms only opened aerobic areas, strength areas and changing rooms. Swimming pool and shower facilities were closed to prevent gathering.
  • Stores were equipped with disinfectants, hand sanitizers and forehead thermometers. Floors, fitness equipment and locker keys were disinfected and cleaned in a timely manner
  • Stores had adopted an appointment system to control the traffic where all members needed to show a “heath code” and have their temperature taken.
  • Ensuring the use of cardio equipment in intervals, keeping safe distance of 2-3 meters in group exercises, and wearing masks throughout exercises were made compulsory.

Measures adopted by fitness industry to bounce back

3. Brick and Mortar fitness centers are facing competition from online weight loss programs owing to growing prominence of social media platforms Qatar Fitness Market Fitness Centers and Personal Trainers along with Fitness Bloggers are using social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to conduct live workshops for the ease and convenience of home workouts thereby leading to higher participation rate.

The number of users present on social media platforms in Qatar are an opportunity for fitness companies to provide useful fitness related engagement in order to convert them into their customers. The shift from offline to free and easily accessible online fitness tutorials are a major trend in the overall fitness industry.

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