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France Telemedicine Market Research Report to 2022: Ken Research

How Telemedicine Market Is Positioned in France?

Telemedicine Market in France is at a growing stage, it is considered as the most versatile form of technology available for delivering health education, health information and healthcare at a distance. Various telemedicine devices such as tele sphygmomanometer, weight management machines, interactive stethoscope, ENT otoscope and general examination camera are being developed and have made it simple for medical practitioners to deliver medical consultations and monitor patients at remote locations. Increasing incidence of chronic diseases, rise in cost of healthcare services, growing need for remote patient monitoring services, technological innovation and inadequate number of physicians in rural areas are some of the driving factors supporting the telemedicine market in France. The sale of telemedicine services and technology has increased from EUR ~ million in 2012 to EUR ~ million in 2017

Increasing geriatric population and grants & funds from the government for telemedicine, consistent need for improved healthcare quality services and increasing number of smart phone users have supported the growth of the telemedicine market.

France telemedicine market is moderately concentrated with the presence of 25-30 telemedicine players in the market. The entry barriers are high for a company entering into the Tele Medicine market. The set up cost of Tele Medicine business is also very high in France as it requires latest technology equipments with modern services for providing best results and consultation to the patient either through video or audio system. Moreover, every telemedicine and healthcare provider has to take licenses from the European Union for patient’s data protection, for E-commerce regulations, CE marking certification for medical devices and others.

How has been the Growth of Service Platform in France Telemedicine Market?

In 2017, the market revenue for telemedicine services was captured by the services segment with a contribution of 70.0%, which was evaluated at EUR 350 million for 2017. The services provided by the telemedicine industry are Tele Home, Tele Hospitals and M-Health.

The telemedicine industry of France has showcaseda sizeablepenetration in the market and this penetration has led to the entry of new players in the Telemedicine market.

Application Areas: Telemedicine services are put to use in various medical and associated services such as patient interviews, previous consultation reviews, remote patient monitoring, Endoscopy, maternal health, radiology, multi device connectivity and others. In 2017, technology has a revenue contribution of ~% in France telemedicine market amounting to EUR ~ million.

Latest Technology: Wall Doc is the telemedicine solution designed for areas with space limitations. It is mounted on the wall and occupies an area only slightly larger than that of a flat panel monitor. It provides functionality of fully-integrated telemedicine solutions.

Which Type of service Platform is GENERATING MORE Demand for Telemedicine Market in France?

Tele home involves the delivery of healthcare services to patients at home through the use of telecommunication technologies such as video conferencing, voice call and chat process. Tele Hospitals and M-Clinics dominated the market revenues and captured ~% in France telemedicine market amounting to EUR ~ million.  Aging population, increase in diabetic and cancer patients, less number of clinics, growing need for remote patient monitoring services, ease in consultation process and less consultation fee in comparison to hospital visit are the main growth drivers which have propelled the growth of Tele home services. In 2017, Tele home service has a revenue contribution of ~% in France telemedicine market amounting to EUR ~ million. The use of such services has made it easy for patients to communicate with specialised doctors and receive the best in class medical care. With the use of monitoring devices such as MdKeeper and Spirometer has made the process of monitoring of patients health activity, keeping a track of the patient’s medical record.

Which Type of Technology Platform is GENERATING MORE Demand for Telemedicine Market in France?

In 2017, software services have dominated the market with revenue contribution of ~% in France telemedicine market amounting to EUR ~ million. The software leads in the market because software requires up gradation with time in order to add more features and for fixing up the bugs. This adds cost to software. Telemedicine software companies provide their services in 2 ways, either they provide general software which is applicable in all the clinical applications or they customize the software according to the demand of the customers such as customer can ask software for only radiology application or pathology application. In 2017, Tele hospital service has a revenue contribution of ~% in France telemedicine market amounting to EUR ~ million. Telemedicine hardware is used by service providers to connect with patients through hardware devices such as a remote ultrasound device and transfer data with the help of software services. In 2017, Tele hospital service has a revenue contribution of ~% in France telemedicine market amounting to EUR ~ million.

Which Clinical Application is generating more Demand for Telemedicine Market in France?

The revenues from offering tele-monitoring services dominated the market and captured ~% of the market revenues. The revenues amounted to a sum of EUR ~ million in 2017. Tele-monitoring services are offered to the patients with the use of video conferencing and remote monitoring devices.

In 2017, Teleconsultation services have a revenue contribution of ~% in France telemedicine market amounting to EUR ~ million.

Tele Assistance and Tele Expertise have contributed a share ~% and ~% respectively in terms of revenue. Others services include Teleradiology, Teleneurology, Telecardiology and Pulmonology services have contributed ~% share in France Telemedicine market in 2017.

Key Segments Covered

Services and Technology

Service Platform

Telehome & M-Health, Telehospitals & Clinics

Technology platform



Clinical Applications

Tele Monitoring

Tele Consultation

Tele Assistance

Tele Expertise

Others (Tele Radiology, Tele Neurology, Tele Cardiology and Pulmonary Services)

Key Target Audience

Teleconsultation Companies

Telemonitoring and Teleradiology Companies

Telemedicine Hardware Solution Providers

Video Conferencing and Collaboration Solution Providers

Telemedicine Software Solution Providers

Time Period Captured in the Report

Historical Period: 2012-2017

Forecast Period: 2018-2022

Companies Covered

Telemedicine Service Providers






Médicin Direct

Mes Docteurs


Telemedicine Hardware Companies


Fora Care


AMD Global Telemedicine


Telemedicine Technologies

Telemedicine Software Companies






GE Healthcare

Comarch Healthcare

Patient Journey App


AMD Global Telemedicine



Telemedicine 360


Key Topics Covered in the Report

Research Methodology

France Telemedicine Market Overview and Genesis

Value Chain in France Telemedicine Market

France Telemedicine Market Size by Revenue, 2012-2017

France Telemedicine Market Segmentation

Trends and Developments in France Telemedicine Market

Issues and Challenges in France Telemedicine Market

Case Study on a Successful Telemedicine Service Provider

Government Regulations for Implementation of Telemedicine Services in France

PESTLE Analysis of France Telemedicine

Competitive Landscape of Major Players in France Tele Medicine Market

Company Profiles of Major Players in the France Telemedicine Market

Tele Medicine Software Companies

Tele Medicine Hardware Companies

France Telemedicine Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2018-2022

Analyst Recommendations

Macroeconomic Indicators in France Telemedicine Market

For more information on the research report, refer to below link:

France Telemedicine Outlook to 2022

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