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Generic Pharmaceutical Industry Growth In Brazil: Ken Research

Growing Ageing population coupled with Per Capita Health Expenditure and Favorable Government Policy with increasing number of market opportunities for Domestic Manufacturers will positively impact the Pharmaceuticals Market in Brazil

    • The stabilization and recovery of Economy from Economic Crisis that happened in 2015, will positively impact the Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market as it will increase the healthcare spending of government and per capita health expenditure in Brazil.

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  • International Companies will account for a larger market share in terms of revenue in future largely due to the amount of investments these companies are making every year in Research and Development so as to launch new patented products and improve their existing production processes.

Institutional Segment Sales in terms of Revenue will grow in Brazil largely due to the manufacturing companies are preferring to make direct sales to the institutional pharmacies due to higher profit margins attached.

Growing Ageing Population: In future, it is anticipated that elderly citizens’ population will increase at a CAGR of 4.5% during the period 2018-2025, which will be capturing a larger proportionate share over the years in Brazil. Changing demographics is a key driver of the Brazilian pharmaceutical market, as the growing population will increase the incidence of chronic diseases such as respiratory and digestive problems and some diseases pertaining to lifestyle that include high obesity and type 2 diabetes in future. This will further increase the number of doctor visits and eventually will lead to growing number of medications being prescribed by the doctors or medical professionals. Hence, the ageing population will positively impact in revenue generation of pharmaceutical companies in Brazil.

Growing Alternatives of Generics over Patented Drugs: In Brazil, generic alternatives are available for 95% of pharmaceutical treatments occupied by reference medication. These generic drugs cover treatments of circulatory system diseases, digestive tract/ metabolism, CNS, hormonal and non-hormonal, dermatological anti-inflammatory, respiratory diseases, urinary/sexual system, ophthalmological, helminthes/ parasitic, oncological and contraceptive illnesses, among others. In future, this will positively impact the production volume of Generics Drugs market in Brazil.

Per Capita Health Expenditure: Per Capita Health expenditure in Brazil is increasing over the years majorly due to the growing mortality rate and increasing number of prevalent diseases in the country. In 2018, Total Health Expenditure was about 8% of GDP wherein private spending accounted for 4.4% of GDP and public spending for3.8% of the GDP in Brazil. However, there was a study published in 2018 by the Pan American Journal of Public Health estimated that, with current economic growth projected, Brazil could reach the goal of investing 6% of GDP in public health spending by 2064 which will positively increase the demand of pharmaceuticals in the market.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication “Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market Outlook to 2025 – By International and Domestic Companies, By Retail and Institutional Sales,  By Institutional Sales (Public, Private and Others), By Drug Type (Prescription, Over-The-Counter and Generics), By Generic Drug Type (Branded and Local), By Region (Southeast, South, Northeast, Midwest and North), By Therapeutic Areas” observed that the Pharmaceuticals Market in Brazil will grow positively due to the increasing per capita health expenditure, growing number of Chronic diseases, increasing demand of generic drugs in the market coupled with new market opportunities for Domestic Manufacturers.

The market is expected to register a positive CAGR of 8.4% in terms of revenue during the forecast period 2018-2025.

Key Segments Covered

By Type of Companies

International Companies

Domestic Companies

By Type of Channel






By Drug Type






By Region






By Therapeutic Areas


Central Nervous System






Key Target Audience

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies

Pharmacy Retail Outlets

Government/ Regulatory Authorities Venture Capitalist Firms

Health Insurance Companies

Pharmaceutical Products Distributors

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2013-2018

Forecast Period: 2019F-2025F

Companies Covered:

Major Manufacturers

Ache Laboratories

EMS Pharma




Neo Quimica

Mantecopr Farmasa


Biolab- Sanus Farma

Takeda Pharma


Bayer Pharma


Key Topics Covered in the Report

Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market Overview and Genesis (Overview and Genesis, Business Cycle Graph)

Brazil Pharmaceutical Market Value Chain Analysis

Brazil Pharmaceutical Market Size

Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market Segmentation

Regulatory Landscape in Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market

Trends and Developments in Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market

Issues and Challenges in Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market

Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market Competition Landscape

Cross Comparison of 7 Major Players in Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market

Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market Future Projection, 2018-2025F

Future Outlook of Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market Segmentations, 2018-2025F

Analyst Recommendations

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Brazil Pharmaceuticals Market

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