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Increase in Interest for Decorative Materials to Drive Dimension Stone Mining Global Market over Forecast Period: Ken Research

Dimension stone is a natural rock which is primarily cut into different sizes for its application in construction & monument industries. The dimension stone mining industry comprised of development of mine and cutting of dimension stones for giving new and desired appearance to the stone. Dimension stone products further includes blocks of rock as marble, granite, limestone, sandstone and slate. Successive to cutting and polishing, these stones are used in the construction of buildings and monuments, and also as exterior and as interior decorative materials on buildings. The color, texture and pattern and surface finishing is some of basic requirements and other important choice criteria includes the toughness, time, and ability of dimensioning and stone enduring, maintaining essential and distinctive strength characteristics, resistance related to decay, and appearance.

According to study, “Dimension Stone Mining Global Market Report 2019” the key companies operating in the dimension stone mining global market are Encyclopedia of Arkansas, Metallica Commodities Corp., Ministry of Mines and Energy, United States Lime and Minerals Inc., Martin Marietta Aggregates, Carmeuse Lime and Stone, MINTEK, Cemex, Vulcan Materials.

Some of the key features associated for identifying the sites include remote surveying and geological mapping for mines and using LIDAR and UAV. The mining activity is developed by accurate data for planning mining processes. The LIDAR is a light detection and ranging, is a remote sensing techniques using light in the form of a pulsed laser for measure the ranges. LIDAR is a surveying technique used for mining area that helps in determining ore body, mining pit volume, and pre-strip and spoil surface volumes. The UAVs, stands for the unmanned aerial vehicle or drone, and is a type of aircraft which operates without a human pilot interventions. The recent improvements in technological development have led use of UAVs for multiple purposes.

Based on product type, dimension stone mining market is segmented into marble, limestone, granite, sandstone, slate and others (soapstone (massive talc), alabaster (massive gypsum) and serpentine). Marble is a commercially crystalline rock consisting of predominantly calcite, dolomite, or serpentine which is capable of taking a polish. In addition, based on end-use industry, market is segmented into manufacture, construction, and others.

The market is driven by increase in demand in the construction and real estate industry. Some of the other key factors driving market include increase in consumer awareness based on impact of building materials on environment contributing increase in demand for the natural building materials. This has further led to an increase in demand for sustainable flooring, wall tiles, and roofing products. Some of the developed markets such as the US and Western Europe have implemented strict regulations ensuring eco-friendly building construction. Consumers are increasingly opting for natural stone products such as marble and granite and opposition to products with plastic composites and other emission-prone products.

The growing adoption of diamond wire cutting is one of key new trends being registered over global dimension stone market. The factors such as large scale increased accuracy and reduced wastage of material.

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