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Increase in Applications over Residential and Automotive Sector Expected to Drive Global Direct-Coat IR Glazing Market: Ken Research

Thin films of functional metal oxides are used for producing coatings of the self-cleaning. The coating materials utilizing sunlight for breaking down the organic materials such as airborne pollutants. Self-cleaning glazing techniques are mainly comprised of two categories hydrophilic and hydrophobic. The hydrophilic coatings have the property of breaking down the dirt on the surface under UV irradiation.

The rise of heat reflective coatings, which develops buildings with insulation properties in an eco-friendly way. These coatings are usually are light in color as they can reflect nearly 80% of solar radiation. The direct coat Infrared-reflective coatings can be used over with various pigments, metals (such as aluminum) or other materials to produce an IR-reflective barrier. IRR coatings are also used for building applications, such as the manufacture of windows and doors, where IRR pigments aid limits the deformation of door and window frames.

The heat reflective coverings reduce the ‘urban heat islands’ effect, which lets buildings a bit cooler. A cooler building means less use of air conditioners and further reducing the overall carbon dioxide emission. Thus, heat reflective coatings are one of the best options for caring for the environment and longevity of the building. There is an increase in usage of tall glass-fronted buildings both for residential and commercial. Glass is being a poor thermal insulator, requires the usage of heating systems in cold climates and air conditioning systems in hotter climates results which results in higher electricity usage for maintaining a comfortable internal environment. Some of the key benefits associated to use of direct IR coatings include aesthetically pleasing colors, cooler to the touch for better ergonomics, improved system durability and less thermal degradation.

According to the study, “Global Direct-Coat IR Glazing Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use” the key companies operating in the market are Asahi Glass Co Ltd, Saint Gobain, Guardian Industries Corporation, Nippon Sheet Glass, Eastman Chemical, Fuyao Group, Central Glass, Pittsburgh Glass Works, Xinyi Glass Holdings, Abrisa Technologies.

Based on the type, the direct-coat IR glazing market is segmented into monolayer, and multiplayer. Based on the application, the market is segmented into automobiles, architecture, and others. There has been a revolution in the coatings industry with the rise of a heat reflective coat, that improves building’s insulation properties in an eco-friendly way. These coats are largely available in light colors because they can redirect up to 80% of solar radiation. The use of coats in the automotive sector adds to the major contributors towards the usage of heat reflective coatings market. Some of the key factors supporting the demand of direct IR glazing market includes high development in economies and coupled with increasing per capita income among consumers over the emerging countries letting the rise in demand for automobiles. This, in turn, further increase in the demand for heat-reflective paints & coatings in this area.

The heat reflective coat diminishes the urban heat islands effect, which lets buildings cooler. A cooler building further means lesser use of air conditioners and lower carbon dioxide emissions. This way, heat reflective paints are the best option for those who believe in caring for the environment and longevity of the building.

In upcoming years, it is expected that the market will be reached at a rapid pace as a result of a rise in demand from the architecture industry during the forecast period.

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