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Rising Burden of Disease and Deaths Owing to Alcohol and Illicit Drug Use, Coupled with Strict Drug Regulations Policies by Various Countries Resulting in Higher Demand for Drug Testing Devices Globally: Ken Research

“The rise in deaths due to drug overdose and anti-drug policies has increased the demand for drug abuse testing devices globally. It is also estimated that around 35 million people globally suffer from drug use disorders while only 1 in 7 people receive treatment in due time”


Rising Illicit Drugs Consumption: In the Americas Region, 8.5 million people (1.3% of the population) have used cocaine in 2018, which represented almost half of the users worldwide. Within Europe, the use of drugs is highly common within the southern and western countries. The use of opioids in treating moderate to severe pain is one of the emerging concerns in Asia Pacific and has lead to illegal use of the drug. Owing to rise in cocaine production, Asia Pacific and Africa are also emerging as the hubs for cocaine trafficking and consumption. Owing to the increase of cocaine seizures in Brazil, a paradigm shift toward an increase in users seeking treatment against drugs abuse has also been witnessed, which again has raised the importance of drug abuse testing kits globally. A recent report by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) also estimates the number of opioid users at around 53 million. Globally, around 11 million people injected drugs in 2017, of whom 1.4 million live with HIV and 5.6 million with hepatitis C.

Government Initiatives: In order to prevent deaths caused by overdose of drugs the governments of a number of countries have funded programs against drug abuse. The US government spent USD 46.8 million in the FY’2018 for screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment for drug usage. Also a number of countries have made it legal for workplaces to test their employees for drugs. Irrespective of what’s mentioned in the contract, in countries such as Italy and France, the employers are by law allowed to conduct random drug tests.

Breathalyzers for Drug Testing:  Initially breathalyzers were more common for alcohol tests only as it was incapable for testing the levels of ‘Tetrahydrocannabinol’ (THC) which are commonly present in illicit drugs. However, technological advancement has led to the development of breathalyzers which are now capable to detect the presence of THCs as well. For instance, The University of Pittsburg used tiny tubes of carbon, 100,000 times smaller than human hair which results in THC molecule, along with other molecules in breath binds to the surface of the nano-tubes and changes their electrical properties. The speed at which the electrical currents recover then signals whether THC is present or not. Nanotechnology sensors are also being used for the same purpose.

The report titled “Global Drug Abuse Testing Devices Market Outlook to 2025 –By Products (Consumables, Analysers and Rapid Testing Devices), By End Users (Criminal Justice Systems, Workplace and Schools, Hospitals, Research Centers and Others) and By Region (United States of America, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Mexico, France, India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Others)” by Ken Research, gives an in-depth and comprehensive outlook on the drug testing devices market globally. The report covers various aspects including genesis of the market, global drug abuse trends, market size by revenue along with segmentations for four regions (North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and LAMEA). Country snapshots of 10 major countries (USA, Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Mexico, France, India, South Africa and Saudi Arabia) are also included. The market is expected to register a positive CAGR of 8.9% in terms of revenue during the forecast period 2019-2025E.

Key Segments Covered

Global Drug Abuse Testing Devices Market

By Region

North America


Asia Pacific


By Countries









South Africa

Saudi Arabia

By Products



Rapid Testing Devices

By End Users

Criminal Justice Systems

Work Place and Schools


Research Laboratories

By Production of Devices

Domestically Produced


Key Target Audience

Medical Devices Companies

Government Regulatory Bodies

Medical Research Departments

Healthcare Organisations

Drug Abuse Associations

Criminal Justice Systems

Work places and Schools

Time Period Captures in the Report

Historical Period: 2014-2019

Forecast Period: 2020F-2025F

Companies Covered

Danaher Corporation

 Siemens Group

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Abbott Laboratories

Quest Diagnostics

Dragerwerk AG

Hoffmann-La-Roche AG

Bio-Rad Laboratories

OraSure Technologies Inc

Psychemedics Corporation

Waters Corporation

Key Topics Covered

Global Drug Abuse Market Overview and Genesis

Global Drug Abuse Testing Devices Market Size 2014-2019 (By Revenue)

Global Market Segmentations (By Region, By Products and By End Users)

Country Profiles (USA, Canada, Mexico, China , India, Germany, Italy, France, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Others)

Competitive Landscape and Strengths & Weaknesses of Major Players (Abbott Laboratories, Danaher Corporation, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Quest Diagnostics, Siemens Healthineers, Dragerwerk, Hoffmann-La-Roche AG, Bio-Read Laboratories, Psychemedics Corporation and Waters Corporation)

Latest Technologies in Global Drug Abuse Testing Devices Market

Issues and Challenges in Global Drug Abuse Testing Devices  Market

Analyst Recommendations for Global Drug Abuse Testing Market

For More Information, refer to below link:

Global Drug Abuse Testing Devices Market

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