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Domination of the General Health Insurance Sector: Allianz Care’s Success Story

As the world environment changes, so too are the needs of our clients, be they a large multinational, a small company, an intergovernmental organization or a private family. Allianz Partners is addressing these needs, with its partners, through a greater range of support services, digital innovation and connectivity, making life simpler, easier and safer for clients.

  • Competitive landscape of Allianz care with respect to other players
  • Main areas where Allianz care is providing its services
  • New plans and ventures has been launched by Allianz care resulting in lead the global health insurance market
  • Allianz Care is excelling in the Health insurance sector in recent years all across the globe.

Global health insurance Market Opportunities1. Allianz care is excelling in the Global health insurance market

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The Allianz Group serves 122 mn customers in more than 70 countries. It has around 159,000 employees worldwide, the on the insurance side, Allianz is the market leader in the German market and has a strong international presence.

In fiscal year 2022, the Allianz Group achieved total revenues of approximately 153 bn euros. They handle over 71 million cases each year.

Allianz care provide a variety of services to its customers like International Health Insurance, long life health insurance, Short-term and Emergency Health Care Insurance and Life & Disability Insurance. They provide this insurance for both their customers as well as employees.

2. New launches and plans planned by Allianz care helping in the growth of market

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Allianz Partners, one of the world’s leading insurance and assistance providers, has today announced a preferred partnership deal, which will see it take on the majority of Aetna International’s health insurance portfolio outside the Americas, Thailand, and India. Customers include large multinationals, SMEs and private families.

Aetna International selected Allianz Partners for this partnership deal to ensure that its customers can be migrated to a reliable and well-established international health insurer that can offer a high level of cover and service internationally.

Allianz Partners is also taking on a number of Aetna International employees whose expertise will help ensure a smooth transition.

Allianz Partners has announced three significant enhancements to their suite of health plans, the new Allianz Summit plan, the Allianz care, and thirdly a app is launched named Wysa. These is the significant plans on which Allianz is working upon.

3. Main areas where Allianz is providing the insurance market

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Allianz Partners plans to have an even bigger footprint in Asia Pacific, across Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam, and in the Middle East and Africa, including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and Morocco. Offering even stronger regional support to its customers.

Allianz is also providing support the Ukraine war effected people. It is providing support by health insurances and providing basic amenities as well.

Allianz care also announced a partnership with ICE Mozambique to improve the company’s position in Africa. It also launched a new private HI plan to meet the needs of modern families, which are mainly focused in moving their families across US, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

4. What holds in future for Allianz care market with respect to its competitive landscape?

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Allianz care has a strong hold in the future of the global health insurance market. It has collaborated up with companies, which could confirm its lead in the outlook.

Allianz Partners announces its partnership with On Location, the Official Hospitality Provider of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Paris 2024, to offer protection for the hospitality packages.

Major players in the sector of Global health insurance is Cigna Corporation, AIA Insurance Group, UnitedHealth Group Inc., Allianz SE, Zurich Insurance Group Ltd., Express Scripts Holding Company, AXA, Aviva plc, Aetna, Inc., Apollo Munich Health Insurance which are competing with Allianz care.

In June 2018, UniCredit entered into a partnership agreement with the Allianz Group in Europe. This agreement aimed at integrating the Allianz’s insurance expertise with UniCredit’s banking franchise in European market.


Allianz care is a leading player in Global health insurance market. Revenue of Allianz care is increasing year-by-year and gaining speed in its trust among its partners.

Health insurance is a necessary deposition of economy, which could help in emergencies. Allianz provide different types of insurances, which could reach anyone in need.

It helped them to grab a broad target among insurers. Allianz’s strategic plans are making it led in the sector and it will continue to grow in the future as well.


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