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Rise in Demand from Cosmetic & Pharmaceutical Sector Anticipated to Drive Global Immortelle Extract Oil Market: Ken Research

Immortelle extract oil is an essential oil, distilled from the flowering tops of the plant. It isone the best performing oils in the Aromatic Assembly, especially for skin care. It is used for gallbladder disease and liver disease. It is also used to treat indigestion or dyspepsia, disorders affecting bile flow in the liver, and other conditions. Some health benefits of thisoil can be attributed to its properties as an antiallergenic, antimicrobial, antispasmodic, anticoagulant, antihaematoma, and antiphlogistic, etc. Apart from this, it may cause an allergic reaction in individuals who are sensitive to the Asteraceaem or Compositae plant family. Members of this family include chrysanthemums, marigolds, ragweed, daisies, and many others. Immortelle extract oil is widely used in cosmetics, personal care, and pharmaceuticals.

According to study, “Global Immortelle Extract Oil Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use” the key companies operating in the global immortelle extract oil market are Family Galic distillery, Ausganica, Kobashi Essential, Organic Infusions, Aromatics, Hermitage Essential Oils, Florihana, Smart Up,Solyvia, Still Pure, Primavera Life, COMPANY9, Helichrysum Croatia. Key companies are executing special endeavors for instance product research & developments (R&D) and innovation to deliver more operative products in the global immortelle extract oil industry and set noteworthy challenges against competitors. Additionally, business strategies such as ventures, acquisitions, mergers, partnerships as well as product launches, and brand elevations have also been tracked by the report over the last five years. The assessment will eventually help market companies to intuit competitors’ potential moves and act accordingly in the near future.

Based on type, immortelle extract oil market is segmented into 30% type, 50% type and others. Based on ingredient, market is segmented into Frankincense Resin, Lavender Flower, Myrrh Gum Resin, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Rose Flower and Helichrysum Flower. Based on extraction technique, market is segmented into maceration, solvent extraction or enfleurage, distillation or expression, hot percolation and others. Based on active constituents, market is segmented into monoterpenes, monoterpenoids, sesquiterpenes, compounds, tannins, phenolic and carotenes. Based on marketing channel, market is segmented into online channel and traditional marketing channel (offline channel).In addition, based on application, market is segmented into medicine and cosmetic.

Theimmortelle extract oil market is driven by rise in demand from cosmetic & pharmaceutical sector, followed by surge in immortelle extract oil demands, increase in disposable income and growth in awareness concerning skin care among the end-use population. However, high cost of immortelle extract oil may impact the market.

Based on geography, the North-American region dominates the immortelle extract oil market owing to increase in demand from medial sectors in the region. Whereas, the European and Asian-Pacific regions are estimated to exhibit considerable growth rate due to rise in young population & growth in disposable income over the forecast period. In upcoming years, it is expected that future of the market will be bright on account of rise in awareness among population about personal care products during the forecast period.

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Global Immortelle Extract Oil Market

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