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Upsurge in Number of Patients to Drive Global Indocyanine Green Market: Ken Research

Indocyanine green (ICG), cyanine dye is largely used for the medical diagnostics. It is alsousefor determining cardiac output, liver and digestive blood flow, hepatic function, and for ophthalmic angiography. ICG has a highest spectral interest at about 800 nm. It alsohas a water-solvable, tricarbocyanine dye by molecular weight of 775 daltonswhich isapproximately complete protein-bound (98%) after its injection into vein. The withholding of ICG in the choroidal circulation, attached with low permeability, and kindsof ICG angiography perfect for imaging of thechoroidal circulation. The ICG is further absorbed in the liver and emitted into the bile.

The IR frequencies enterinto retinal layers, permitting ICG angiography to copy deeper patterns of flowassociated to fluorescein angiography. ICG resolvesfirmly to plasma proteins and becomes thin to the vascular system. It has a half-life of 150 to 180 seconds & is detached from flow exclusively by the liver to bile juice. Indocyanine green stains the frontal capsule and inner preventive membwrane of eye to enable its removal. However, safety of intraocular indocyanine is still of distress

Atheoreticbenefit of ICG is its capability to fluoresce enhanced through pigment, fluid, lipid, and hemorrhage than fluorescein dye, thusgrowing the opportunity of noticinganomalies such as CNV which mayget choked by a thinlayer of subretinal hemorrhage or hyperplastic RPE on a fluorescein angiogram.

According to study, “Global Indocyanine Green Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use” the key companies operating in the global indocyanine green market areAkorn, Incorporated,Diagnostic Green GmbH,Aurolab, Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited,H.W. Sands Corp., SERB, Iris Biotech GmbH,Dandong Yichuang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, Pulsion Medical Systems.

Based on product type, indocyanine green market is segmented into pharma grade and others. Based on dosage consideration, market is segmented into renal impairment and hepatic impairment. Based on route of administration, market is segmented into interstitial cervical injection and intravenous bolus injection. Based on end-users, market is segmented into children, neonates & infants and adults. In addition, based on application, market is segmented into neurosurgery, ophthalmology angiography diagnostics, liver diseases and others.

The indocyanine green market is largely driven by upsurge in number of patients undergoing ophthalmic angiography, followed by increase in usage in medical diagnostics. However, anaphylaxis or other allergic reactions rate in people with iodine hypersensitivity may affectthe market. Moreover,upsurge in chances in developing economies andgrowth in healthcare industry are key opportunities for market. Furthermore, rise in healthcare outlay by consumers is a major drift for market. Risein cases of obesity all over the globe, coupled withrise in binge eating and eating of junk foods, negligence towards consistent exercising, rising levels of pressure, are further supporting the demand of ICG over the forecast period.

The tendency for the demand of indocyanine green segment is likely to grow at a greater CAGR over the forecast period owing to being the only permitted fluorescent dye for clinical use as thekey products such as SPY elite, PINPOINT, and SPY-PHI. Also, ICG is the cost-effective and has potentially no adversative effects.

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