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Increase in Binding and Corrugated Boxes Industries Expected to Drive Global Paper Coatings Market: Ken Research

Paper coating materials are multipurpose materials that are used as coatings over the base papers to deliver properties such as luster, smoothness, and resistance. The coated paper products are also processed along with plastics, latex, and clay to boost durability and aesthetic appearance by conveying sterility & improved recyclability. These materials are used for coating the paper and enhancing the glossy appearance, brightness, opacity, and ink absorption characteristics. There are several other chemicals such as silicate of magnesia, calcium magnesium carbonate and alganic acid used while preparing paper coating materials. Moreover, paper coatings are frequently used in newspaper inserts, magazines, catalogues, advertising materials, security papers, and converted paper products. These products have some of the features such as high solid content very fine dispersion, free flowing characteristics, anti-bacterial / anti-fungal, imparts gloss to the coated surface.

According to study, “Global Paper Coatings Market Status (2015-2019) and Forecast (2020-2024) by Region, Product Type & End-Use” the key companies operating in the global paper coatings market are The Dow Chemical Company, PQ Corporation, Akzonobel, Anton Paar, Air Products, Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc., Grace, MDV Group, ENVIRO, Perstorp, Michelman, Appleton Coated, LLC, Print Ninja. With the adoption of various strategies for instance strong research & development (R&D), launching of new products and active strategic adoption, these companies has dominated the global paper coatings market.

Based on type of coating, paper coatings market is segmented into corrugated enhance coating and waterproof paper coating. The use of waterproof coating for paper industry is done by using water-based acrylic binder. Based on grade type, market is segmented into ground calcium carbonate (GCC), Kaolin clay, precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC), SB latex, titanium dioxide, talc, wax, starch, and others.GCC constitutes segment dominates the market due to its lower cost, print saturation density, efficient fiber substitution property, and low viscosity. Additionally, Kaolin clay and talc are extensively used as fillers in coatings. In addition, based on application, market is segmented into architecture, floor, furniture and others.

The paper coatings market is driven by increase in binding industry and corrugated boxes industry; followed by various advantages offered by the paper coating materials, increase in demand of customized grades according to applications and rise in disposable income. However, rise in use of electronic gadgets and applications for instance smart phones, e-book, computers, and e-newspaper has reduced the use of paper which may hinder the growth of paper coating material market.

Based on geography, the Asian-Pacific region holds major share in paper coatings market owing to presence of emerging markets and rapid growth in industrial paper applications in the region. Whereas, the North-American and European regions are estimated to witness higher growth rate due to increase in technological advancement in paper coating process over the forecast period. In upcoming years, it is expected that future of the market will be optimistic as a result of growth in consumption of paper for various purposes such as office paper, packaging, stationery, wallpaper, corrugated boxes, and bookbinding during the forecast period.

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