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Rise in Construction of Infrastructural Facilities Estimated to Drive Global Post-Tensioning System Market: Ken Research

Post-tensioning is a method used to strengthen concrete and other materials. The system has tendons, which are steel cables inside plastic pipes or sleeves. Post-tensioning is a form of pre-stressing. Pre-stressing means that the steel is tensioned before the concrete has to support the service loads. The system provides a high degree of flexibility in column outline, span lengths and ramp configurations. It allows the concrete to endure higher compressive load and resist the effects of shrinking. The system is used in the construction of bridges, buildings, and in energy & power industry. It allows bridges to be built to very demanding geometry requirements such as variable super-elevation, complex curves, and significant grade changes.

The key benefits are quicker construction, reduction in slab thickness, high deflection limitations, reduction in slab weight, reduction in slab thickness, high deflection limitations, high repeatability from floor to floor or quick rotation of form works, material savings, reduced lifetime costs, larger spans, reduction in steel reinforcement & arrangement simplification, and increased performance

According to study, “Global Post-Tensioning System Market 2019 by Manufacturers, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2024” the key companies operating in the global post-tensioning system market are VSL International Ltd., Freyssinet, Suncoast Post-Tension, Amsysco Inc., Tendon Systems LLC, SRG Ltd., BBV Systems GmbH, Kaifeng Tianli, TMG Global Pte Ltd., Liuzhou OVM Machinery Co., Ltd., VLM, DSI, DYWIDAG-Systems International, Traffic Prestreed, AYM, QMV.

Based on type, post-tensioning system market is bifurcated into bonded post-tensioning system and un-bonded post-tensioning system. Bonded post-tensioning system segment is used in bridges, both in the superstructure and in cable-stayed bridges or cable-stays. In un-bonded post-tensioning systems, plastic shield acts as a bond breaker between concrete and pre-stressing strands, which provides security against damage through mechanical handling and functions as a barrier that precludes moisture & chemicals from reaching the strand. Based on materials and components, market is bifurcated into anchorages & associated hardware, ducts, pre stressing steel, and grout. Based on duct and tendon installation, market is bifurcated into shop drawings, tendon testing on site, duct & anchor installation, jacking methods, jacks & other stressing equipment, tendon installation, stressing operations and stressing problems & solutions. In addition, based on application, market is bifurcated into buildings, bridge, energy & power industry, and others. In building construction, the system allows longer clear spans, thinner slabs or less concrete, fewer beams & more slender and dramatic elements.

The post-tensioning system market is driven by rise in government safety regulations, followed by growth in construction & infrastructure industry, surge in proposals for smart cities along with energy-efficient structures and growth in technology advancements. However, high costs of post-tensioning systems is a restrain factor of market. Moreover, growth in development of such systems with high strength & rigidity and stiffness post-tensioning systems are key opportunities for market.

Based on geography, the Asian-Pacific region dominates the post-tensioning system market owing to rise in construction of infrastructural facilities and growth in financial support from the governments in the region. Whereas, the North-American and European regions are estimated to witness higher growth rate as a result of rise in construction industries over the forecast period.

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Global Post-Tensioning System Market

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