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Global and Indonesia Soda Ash Industry Outlook to 2024: Ken Research

The report titled the publication Global and Indonesia Soda Ash Industry Outlook to 2024” provides a comprehensive analysis of the Soda Ash Industry. The report details the ecosystem, Manufacturing Processes, Distribution Models, Revenue Streams and Challenges for Manufacturers and further maps out the structure for the existing and new manufacturers at Global, Asia and Indonesia level. The publication also covers Supply Infrastructure Ecosystem, Regional Trends shaping Global Consumption, Indonesia Outlook for Soda Ash, Consumption Trends, Trading of Raw Materials in Indonesia including Average Trading Price, Global, and Indonesia End-User Industry Landscape and Competitive landscape for Global Manufacturers and Indonesian Distributors.

The report concludes with Prospective Growth areas in the end-user industry owing to the increasing demand and enhanced production capacity due to the rising number of production plants worldwide. Analysts have also included an investment model for Setting up a New Soda Ash Manufacturing Plant in Indonesia detailing the level of Investment required, Capital Structure, Revenue Projections, and Feasibility Check determining Expected ROE, Break Even Quantity, and Break-Even Years, etc.

Market Overview

The report starts with different Manufacturing processes of Soda Ash with their relative production costs and operating the process from Manufacturing to End Users. Different prevalent Distribution processes and Revenue Streams have also been covered with the Supply-side Ecosystem at the Global and Indonesia levels (Manufacturers, Suppliers/Distributors, and Industry End Users) along with the possible threats to the manufacturers that include Trade Wars, Political Instability, Environmental Regulations, and Price Fluctuations. 

Soda Ash Demand and Trading Scenario

Demand and consumption trends worldwide largely affect the soda ash manufacturing industry wherein per capita soda ash consumption being 4kg per person in Asia and 7kg per person in Middle-east showed an ample room to grow due to growing infrastructural development in glass-based building and number of ex-pats residing in middle-east countries. Future Growth in Production Capacity will be observed in Asian Countries owing to the capacity addition measures that include the setup of a new production plant in different nations. The publication includes Global, Asia and Indonesia Trading scenario of Soda Ash and its raw materials that are changing with respect to the changing demand from a growing infrastructural sector, Economic Instability, and Government Initiatives.

Competitive Landscape

Global Soda Ash Industry is highly concentrated with majorly 5 manufacturers operating in the Industry catering to needs via Distributors and Suppliers who import their products and sell to different industrial end-users. Players in the market compete on various parameters including Business Segments, Geographical locations, Partnerships with Suppliers and Distributors, Production capacity, business model, Operations, Commissions, End-User Industry and their Product Portfolio. Major players at the Global level include Solvay, Ciner, Tata Chemicals, Nirma and Genesis Alkali. Major Suppliers and Distributors at Global and Indonesia level include ANSAC, Seidler, KPL International, PT Lautan Luas and PT AKR Corporindo competing on various parameters including Partnerships with Principal Suppliers, Business Models, Product Portfolio and Business Strategies.

Global and Indonesian Industrial End Users

The report also includes Industrial end-users (Glass, Soaps & Detergents, Chemicals, and Others) and their segmentations at Global and Indonesia level with Target Addressable Market and prospective growth areas for new entrant manufacturers in the Indonesian space. The segment also provides information on the Volume of Soda Ash required by each end-user along with the major players operating in the market.

 Investment Model for Setting up a Manufacturing Plant in Indonesia

The report concludes with highlighted opportunities and cautions for new and existing players in the industry and a layout of soda ash manufacturing plant with required assumptions, associated costs, investment, and feasibility analysis.

Key Target Audience: –

Soda Ash Manufacturers

Soda Ash Distributors

Chemicals Industry

Glass Industry

Soaps and Detergents Industry

Industry Associations

Government Associations

Government Agencies

Private Equity and Venture Capitalist Firms

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2012 – 2019(P)

Forecast Period: 2019 – 2024F

Companies Covered:





TATA Chemicals





PT Lautan Luas

PT AKR Corporindo

Key Topics Covered in the Report: –

Overview of Global Soda Ash Market

Major Manufacturers and Threats Faced

Global Soda Ash Production and Sales

Overview of Indonesia Soda Ash Market

Trade Analysis of Soda Ash

Consumption Trends affecting Soda Ash Market

Soda Ash Plant Setup in Indonesia

Soda Ash Manufacturers Revenue Streams

Regional and Global Trends affecting Consumption

Soda Ash End Users Industry at Global and Indonesia level

Soda Ash Raw Materials Trading in Indonesia

Soda Ash Plant Layout, Organizational Structure, and Costs in Indonesia

Company Profile of Major Soda Ash Manufacturers (Business Segments, Geographical Presence, Suppliers, Future Strategy, Partnerships, Operations)

Company Profile of Soda Ash Distributors in Indonesia (Distribution Process, Business Models, Major Importing Countries)

For More Information on the research report, refer to below link: –

Global and Indonesia Soda Ash Industry

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