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With Almost 20,000 individuals employed across all types of fitness center establishments, the fitness industry in Egypt generated 0.1% of GDP in 2020. Is the growth sustainable? Ken Research

An increase in consumer spending projected to increase by 2% CAGR (2015–2020) would fuel the expansion of health facilities and the growth of the fitness industry in Egypt, as per findings released by Ken Research

1. Revenue Generated from The Sales of Fitness Equipment in Egypt Stood at almost USD 50 Million in 2021: Rising Disposable Income in The Country Has a Significant Role in It.

Investment Egypt Fitness Equipment Market

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Consumers have changed from being merely price sensitive to balancing price and performance, with a growing readiness to pay for better services, as a result of rising income levels and more fitness awareness. In tier 1 cities, particularly high-end brands, personal training revenue frequently exceeds membership revenue and makes up 55–65% of overall revenue. In Egypt, there are 1,686 commercial centers.

2. Demand for Fitness Centers in Egypt Is Mostly Driven by Increasing Equipment and Facility Spaces in Fitness Clubs in The Country.Profit Gym Health Market Size

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Over a third (30-35%) of adults in Egypt are obese which is one of the highest rates in the world. Overweight and obesity among school children constitutes an emerging concern and has increased from 15% in 2010 to 24.1 in 2020. Increasing awareness about the consequences of obesity that include high blood pressure, heart strokes, and diabetes will spur the demand for fitness centers in the country.

3. A Person Working as A Personal Trainer in Egypt Typically Earns Around 6,630 EGP Per Month.

Total Fitness Equipment Retailers Egypt

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In Egypt, women working as personal trainer earn 13% more than men. Higher demand has been observed among people for private training session and yoga session at their homes from certified professional trainers working as freelancers.  Boost in Personal Trainer requirement is anticipated in the coming years.


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