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Rise in Focus towards Health & Wellness to Drive Air Purifier Market in India: Ken Research

An air purifier is a device used for cleaning the air in home, office, cars, and factories, the purifiers purify air from dust, smoke, odors, volatile organic compounds gases, viruses, formaldehyde, pollen, and pet dander. The air purifiers are available as a single or the multiple filter options. The purifiers have a fan which sucks air. It operates as air passes through filters which absorb particles and thereby disbursing a fresh and clean air in environment. There are various available technologies used in manufacturing air purifiers, but the major ones include high-efficiency particulate air and activated carbon.

Air Purifier purifies the air in two most common ways: active and passive. Active air purifier releases negatively charged ions into the air. Pollutants in the air stick to these ion surface. On the other hand, passive air purifier uses air filters to remove pollutants, and is more effective than active air purification process. The use of air purifiers aids and removes problems and concerns for asthma attacks, eliminate allergens, pet odor. Moreover the filters with HEPA filter and activated carbon also extract airborne asbestos particles and reduce chances of mesothelioma development, remove outside fumes and pollutants in urban environments, reducing of carbon dioxide levels, removing of volatile organic compounds (VOC) and reducing of risk associated to lymphoma. Some of the key companies operating in market are Philips India Limited, Sharp Business Systems (India) Pvt. Ltd., Blueair India Pvt. Ltd., Xiaomi Technology India Pvt. Ltd., Honeywell India Pvt., Ltd.Kent RO Systems Ltd.Eureka Forbes Ltd., Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd.

These days the air purifiers’ manufacturers are also focusing on developing low-cost air purifiers to increase the based in order to cater and penetrate deeper into middle-class segment to further drive sales of air purifiers in India. In addition, increase in spending by manufacturers on marketing and advertisement of their brands and also creating awareness and benefits associated for using air purifiers to boost the demand.

Based on technology, market is segmented into High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA)& carbon, HEPA, carbon & UV, carbon & ionizers, carbon & electrostatic precipitators & others. HEPA segment is developing key interest from consumers owing to its capability of removing harmful airborne particles and traps 99.97% of the particles even of tiny size of 0.3 microns. The key channels used for selling air purifier include mediums such as retail and online & direct. In addition, based on end-user, market is segmented into commercial, residential and institutional. There is substantial rise in demand of air purifiers for commercial &industrial area sowing ensuring the health and safety guidelines have led to significant rise in usage of air purifiers. Moreover the residential side is also witnessing gradual increase in demand has low penetration, but it provides substantial opportunity over the forecast period.

The India air purifier market is primarily driven by rise in interest and focus towards health & wellness awareness over hazardous impact of air pollution on the health. Furthermore rise in adoption of air purifier’s demand is expected to be driven throughout the forecast period owing to continuous rise pollution levels, and increase in industrial activities. Moreover surge in disposable income in the urban population further supporting air purifiers demand in India

COVID-19 Outbreak on Market:

The recent COVID-19 outbreak is not an airborne virus, but it can be transmitted through droplets in the air, thus some retailers have registered increase in interest for the air purifiers, HEPA filters, and other air quality systems. However, medical professionals have not clarified about their effectiveness for stopping the virus, but consumers as precautionary measure desire to use an air purification system.

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