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India Diagnostic Laboratories Market, Market Sales, Revenue, Growth and Analysis, Major Players: Ken Research

Overview: India Diagnostic Laboratory Market

The report observes the fast-growing Indian diagnostic industry. The market has been observed to be at the growth stage, with the competition being highly fragmented owing to the presence of unorganized sector. The need of the hour for the industry is implementation of regulations which would also help the organized sector to grow further and will bring uniformity and higher test quality standards.  The India Diagnostic Laboratory Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~% from FY’2015 to FY’2019. There is expected to be a shift towards molecular testing in the future along with an increased penetration of insurance in this sector which would help a number of individuals to have access to this facility. Some of the challenges faced by the industry include lack of regulations, lack of price standardization, high cost of equipments, growing operating expenses in providing new or existing medical services etc.

Industry Segmentation by Government and Private Labs, FY’2020

The governments labs help cater to the lower strata of the economy as they have a lower pricing policy. The private labs, which form the majority of the market, focus more on research and development and have a variety of high end tests.

India Private Diagnostic Laboratory Market Segmentation, FY’20

Revenue by Radiology and Pathology, FY’20

The market is dominated by the pathology department. The initial investment required for the same is lesser as compared to radiology. Pathology also happens to be the first step towards diagnosis of any disease.

Revenue by Pathology, FY’20

Amongst the different tests, clinical bio-chemistry holds the largest revenue share in the market. Haematology, which is often used as a diagnosis for cancer, also provides a significant amount towards the overall pathology market.

Revenue by Radiology, FY’20

X-rays hold the maximum share in the radiology market. Radiology tests can be extremely complex and their equipments also cost a lot. X-rays are something which are available from the smallest of labs to the bigger ones.

Revenue by Model Type, FY’20

As the market is highly unregulated majority of the labs are standalone labs. However, they often have a tie up with other labs for high end testing. The diagnostic chains mostly constitute the organised sector.

India Diagnostic Laboratories Market

Revenue by Diagnostic Chains, FY’20

There are only a handful of PAN-India Diagnostic Chains in the country. As the market is highly fragmented there are a number of regional labs spread across.

Revenue by Tier I, II and III Cities, FY’20

The reference labs of the major players are situated in the Tier I cities. It is also very difficult to have trained doctors in the Tier III and rural areas of the country; thereby majority of the revenue comes from Tier I.

Revenue by Organised and Unorganised Players, FY’20

Well established organized players are extremely minimal in this space. They use the hub and spoke model for their operations and expansion. The unorganized players are mostly standalone centers.

Revenue by Type of Customers, FY’20

Within the diagnostic industry of the country, there are a number of doctors who have tie ups with hospitals. Referrals have proven to be beneficial for both the parties involved.

Revenue by Cause for Testing, FY’20

As the kinds of diseases have changed drastically over the past, individuals are becoming more conscious of their health. In is expected in the future that the share of testing for well-being would also increase.

Revenue by Payment Method FY’20

The insurance sector is yet to penetrate into the diagnostic market. Majority of the payment is currently through out of pocket expenditure.

India Diagnostic Laboratory Market Future Projections

The diagnostic labs market of the India has a lot of potential to grow in the future. New technologies such as 3D printing, which allows radiologists and clinicians to bring to life body parts and tumors which were previously available only as flat diagrams will further help the industry grow. More players are likely to penetrate the rural healthcare market with increasing number of diagnostic laboratories coming up in remote places during this period. India is also set to increase its public health spending to 2.5% of its gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025 which would help cut down on out of pocket expenditure.

Key Segments Covered:-

India Diagnostic Laboratories Market

Revenue Segmentation by Government and Private Labs

Government Labs

Private Labs

India Private Diagnostic Laboratories Market

Revenue Segmentation by Pathology and Radiology

Pathology Sector

Radiology Sector

Revenue Segmentation by Pathology

Clinical Biology


Surgical Pathology


Clinical Microbiology

Molecular Biology


Revenue Segmentation by Radiology




CT Scans




Revenue Segmentation by Business Model


Diagnostic Chains

Hospital Based Labs

Revenue Segmentation by Diagnostic Chains

Regional Chains

Large PAN-India Chains

Revenue Segmentation by Tier I, II and III Cities

Tier I cities

Tier II cities

Tier III cities

Revenue Segmentation by Organized and Unorganized Players

Revenue Segmentation by Type of Customers


Walk Ins

Corporate Client

Revenue Segmentation by Payment Method

Out of Pocket Expenditure

Corporate Spending


Key Target Audience:-

Government Diagnostic Labs

Private Diagnostic Labs

Research Labs

Medical Insurance Companies

Medical Device Manufacturers

Industry Associations

Government Bodies


Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period: FY’2015-FY’2020

Forecast Period: FY’2020-FY’2025

Companies Mentioned:-

Dr. Lal Pathlabs

SRL Diagnostics

Metropolis Healthcare

Thyrocare Technologies

Medall Healthcare Pvt Ltd

Suraksha Diagnostics Pvt Ltd

Suburban Diagnostics

Neuberg Diagnostics

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Spread of Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases in India

Market Sizing Analysis of Diagnostic Labs in India

Ecosystem of Diagnostic Labs in India

Operating Models in India Diagnostic Labs

Pricing Analysis in India Diagnostic Labs Market

Value Chain Analysis of India Diagnostic Labs Market

Decision Making Parameters for a Diagnostic Lab

Issues and Challenges in the Industry

Government Regulations in the Industry

Segmentation by Radiology and Pathology

Segmentation by Type of Business Model (Standalone, Hospital Based Labs and Diagnostic Chains)

Upcoming Trends and Technologies in the Market

Competition Scenario and Market Share

Investment Model for a Franchise Lab in India

Success Stories of Diagnostic Labs in India

For More Information on the research report, refer to below link:-

India Diagnostic Laboratories Market

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