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India Corporate Training Market Growth Is Fostered By Introduction Of New Digital Technologies: Ken Research

Corporate training is a method to advance the skill sets involving the work performance, productivity, efficiency, and several others of an employee. There are dissimilar training methods offered for the advancement of corporate employees, which involve virtual and face-to-face training method. It assists employees to improve their skill sets such as communications, negotiation skills, leadership skills, technical skills, and others. Usage of gamification, micro-learning and wearable devices are some of the foremost trends in the corporate training market.

Report Analysis

According to the report analysis, ‘India Corporate Training Market Outlook to 2025 driven by Introduction of Experimental Training, Greater Use of Artificial Intelligence and Increase in Government Initiatives to Boost Trainingstates that the market for corporate training in India has been a niche market that has observed steady growth but is yet to be discovered in full potential and has an enormous scope for enlargement in the coming years. The training methodology has seen speedy digitization of content and migration towards the online training. The Corporate Training Market is in the growth stage with great number of players competing across the market. The market has been increasing at a double-digit growth rate throughout the period 2013-2018.

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Competition Scenario

Low cost of investment and shortage of entry barriers for incumbents has led to high fragmentation and hence competition in the market. Overall, the market can be classified into 3 sorts of players reliant on the employee size being 0-200, 200-500 and 500+ employees. The foremost players involve NIIT, Manipal Global Education, Centum Learning, Aptech Limited, Koenig Solutions and CADD Centre for Training.

India Corporate Training Market

Market Segmentation

India Corporate Training Market is categorized on the basis of following parameters which primarily involve industry verticals, type of training services, industry, mode of learning, training to level of employees, major cities, open and customized training programs, learning mode, demand from small, medium and large organizations and learning technologies and demand from MNCs and domestic organizations.

By Type of Training Services (Technical, Leadership, Managerial, Sales, Customer Management and Others)

Leadership trainings are majorly conducted for the greatest level of management in the organization. On the other hand, the technical trainings are conducted on the beginning level when the employee joins the organization. Organizations have been aiming on training the supervisors and managers instead of training the administrators which has got two-fold advantages.

By Designation of Employees (Non-Managerial Level, Managerial Level and Integrated)

Technical Trainings are the most informed at non-Managerial level and Fresher’s form the mainstream of the employees trained at non-Managerial level. The managerial trainings were on upbeat across India on account of innovative and business allowing courses being advanced by the training houses.

Future Market Size

Corporate Training Budgets are projected to augment in the future and corporate training in the hospitality sector is predicted to rise as it has observed higher levels of employee attrition across India. The Market is predicted to augment at a double-digit growth rate during the period FY’2019 and FY’2025. Increasing E Learning Market, Entry of New Players, Augment in Governmental Support and Increment in Mid-Size and Small Businesses.

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India Corporate Training Market Research Report

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