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India Dental Insurance Market Research Report: Ken Research

The publication titled “Feasibility of Dental Insurance in India” undertakes an analysis of the opportunities posed by the economic and demographic factors of India making it a desired hub for launching Dental Insurance Products in India. Starting with the overview of the healthcare sector and its growth led by private players over the past decade, publications map out the inadequacy of current infrastructure and its potential in the next few years. Further focusing specifically on dental infrastructure, analysts have identified the gaps between demand and supply leading to accessibility and affordability woes of population.

Role of Chain Clinics

The role of upcoming dental chain clinics such as Clove Dental, Apollo White Dental, 32 Dental, Sabka Dentist and others in Top Cities of India such as Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Kolkata have been also covered. A case study of Clove dental highlighting the business model of chain clinics, operational analysis, and financial analysis has also been included to further check the acceptability and distribution of Dental Insurance products in India.

Understanding Patient Profile:

The profile of population visiting Dental clinics in Top Cities has been mapped by focusing on AgeWise Common Dental Treatment Procedures, Type of Treatment, Type of Customers, Prices for different treatment Procedures, Break-up of Ticket Size for Preventive Treatment, Type of Visit, Nature of Visit, etc to understand the dental insurance coverages for potential products.

Case Study of Ocare Group

The publication includes a case study of Ocare, the first-ever dental insurance company, focusing on its business model, success factor, strengths, weaknesses, current Status and draws a distinction between earlier, new business models and concludes with the interview conducted with Dr. Neeraj Sheth, Founder, and Director at Ocare Group.

Companies Mentioned:-

Chain Clinics

Clove Dental

Apollo White Dental

32 Dental

Sabka Dentist

Axiss Dental

Health Insurance Companies

Apollo Munich

Max Bupa

ICICI Lombard

Bharti AXA


Bajaj Allianz

Dental Insurance Company


Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Overview of India Healthcare Infrastructure

Improvement in Infrastructure led by Private Players

Comparison of Healthcare Infrastructure with Developed Countries

Government Support

Overview of Dental Infrastructure in India

Patient Profile (Age-wise common Diseases, Prevalence of Diseases)

Challenges in Delivery of Oral Healthcare

Case Study of Clove Dental (Business Model, Operational Matrix, Financial Analysis)

Recent Investments in the Dental Industry

Evaluating Dental Infrastructure in Major Cities (Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Kolkata)

Number of Chain Clinics

Patient Profile of Chain Clinics

Prices of Common Treatment Procedures

Ticket Size per Visit

Macroeconomic Variables of City affecting Dental Insurance

Feasibility of Dental Insurance in India

Comparison of Dental Coverage in Top 6 Health Insurance Plans

Case Study of Ocare (Company Overview, Traditional Business Model, Success of Model, Strengths, Weaknesses, Insurance Plan, New Business Model, Current Status)

Interview with Dr. Neeraj Sheth, Founder and Group Director at Ocare

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India Dental Insurance Industry

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