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India Fleet Management Market, India Fleet Management Industry: Ken Research

How is the Fleet Management industry in India Positioned?

The Overall Fleet Management Industry is at a nascent stage, with ~ % of the market yet to be tapped. The market is extremely price sensitive with ~% of the hardware imported from China with very few companies in India that manufactures their own hardware. Increasing sales of Commercial Vehicles and Introduction of AIS 140 standards along with growing use of technology is driving the Fleet Management Market currently.

The market being price sensitive is extremely competitive with technology being the main differentiator between the companies. Increase in use of Artificial Intelligence along with use of Big Data and Predictive Analytics is set to dominate the market.  Lack of Proper Infrastructure, poor regulations and price sensitive mindset of fleet owners are the main barriers to entry for the companies in this industry.

The market has been growing at a double digit CAGR for the past 5 years. Increased consumerism due to explosive E Commerce growth has made Transport & Logistics Sector the Fastest Growing Industry, Followed by the Oil & Gas sector which are the major users of Telematics and Fleet Management Solutions. Government Regulations plays an increasing Telematics penetration in the country however regulations without proper implementation are rendering these regulations ineffective.

How is the Market Segmented?

By Hardware and Software

Hardware is the nucleus of the entire ecosystem. Reliability and stability of Hardware is necessary for building a quality Fleet Management Solution. In India most of the hardware products are imported from China, while other import regions are Lithuania and Israel with very few manufacturing in the country.


By Solutions

The market is dominated by Vehicle Tracking Solutions, since most of the customers just use it as a service to keep track of the vehicle and to avoid vehicle theft. Advance level packages are used by less than ~ % in the overall market. After Vehicle Tracking Solutions, solutions with fuel monitoring are preferred the most.

By Type of Services

In India, the regulatory environment is not reliable and for Vehicle Insurance claims the fleet analytics often goes unchecked unless the value of the shipment is higher.

By Type of Commercial Vehicle

Medium and Heavy commercial vehicles majorly demand Fleet Management Systems and Fleet Analytics. Predominantly, the end user industry is dominated by Oil & Gas, Transport & Logistics and State Transportation, which all use M & HCV extensively.

By Transport Vehicle Type

Fleet Management Software is demanded mostly in the Commercial vehicles segment predominantly used for transporting goods.

By Hardware Type

Most of the Fleet Management Solutions are embedded into the Vehicles, as it is more reliable and durable than portable device. The fleet operators have better control over an embedded solution than a portable device.

By Package Type

Most of the devices sold in the Industry are Entry Level industry which is enabled to fulfil the mandatory guidelines laid down by the government. Advance level packages are mainly used in Transport & Logistics Sector and Oil & Gas Sector, which have larger fleets in the Industry.

Competitive Landscape

The Fleet Management System in India is at a nascent stage with overall penetration about ~ %, thereby leaving a huge scope of untapped market. The Competition is extremely fragmented if we consider track n trace solutions, but for complete fleet management solutions, the competition is concentrated with very few companies manufacturing their own hardware and offering advanced analytics for Fleet Management. The major players in this industry are iTrangle Infotech, Minda iConnect, Intangles, LocoNav, FleetX, LogiNext and Trimble Navigation.

What is the Future of India Fleet Management Industry?

Companies would be looking further to expand their geographical presence outside India preferably to South East Asia and the United States. Although Heavy Commercial vehicles demand fleet management systems the most, there is going to be an increase in the use of Telematics and Fleet Management Systems in Two Wheelers (Bikes). Two wheeler manufactures are looking to integrate navigation and track n trace software’s in bikes to help in maintaining and offering assistance to the owners. The demand is expected to grow at a CAGR of over ~ % in the next few years majorly driven by AIS 140 Standards, Growing E Commerce Market and optimization of Supply Chain along with increase in use of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analytics.

Key Segments Covered:-

By Hardware and Software

By Solutions

Vehicle Tracking

Fuel Monitoring

Driver Management

Vehicle Health Monitoring

By Type of Commercial Vehicles




By Type of Transport Vehicles

LMV Freight

LMV Passenger




Other Vehicles

By Type of Services

After Sales Service

Claim Inspection Service

Other Services

By Solution Type

Embedded Solutions

Portable Solutions

By Package Type

Entry Level

Mid Level

Advance Level

Companies Covered:-

iTrangle Infotech

Minda iConnect






Key Target Audience:-

Logistics Companies

Fleet Management Companies

Digital Freight forwarders

Private Ventures and Equity Firms


Transport Companies

Fleet Operators

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period: 2014–2019

Forecast Period: 2020-2025

For More Information, refer to below link:-

India Fleet Management Systems Market

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