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Top 3 players in India Hosiery Market: Ken Research

Story Outline

  • Lux industries Ltd.: A leading contributor of India Hosiery market. Lux Industries is known for its brands like Lux Cozi, ONN, and many others. They offer a wide range of hosiery products, including innerwear, socks, and thermals.
  • Rupa & Co. Ltd.: Rupa Co. is popular in India with brands like Rupa, Jon, Frontline, and Euro. They are famous for diverse range of products, from innerwear to casual wear.
  • Jockey India: Jockey India is the international brand, which provide variety of hosiery items.

According to Ken Research, the India Hosiery market is anticipated to evolve by 2028 by growing at a CAGR of ~12%.

The India Hosiery market is rapidly growing and is anticipated to attain a significant level of growth in the upcoming years.

There are many reasons behind the growth of India Hosiery market. Some of these reasons include penetration of online sales. Attraction of youth towards yoga and work out which need hosiery clothes. Changing lifestyles and demographic factors are bringing changes in demand patterns for hosiery. 

1. Lux Industries

Lux Industries

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Founded in 1957, headquartered in Kolkata West Bengal, having more than 4000 employees worldwide, and wide presence in India along with a total revenue of ₹ 2312 cr (FY 2021-22)., this company is a leading contributor of India Hosiery market.  It has establishment of over 500,000 retail outlets all over India, and has offices in Kolkata, Delhi, Agra, Indore, Mumbai, Ludhiana, Jaipur, and Roorkee.

The new trends and innovations in Lux industries, which are significantly contributing in the market, are organic materials used in their clothing and having collaborations with various celebrities. The products made by this organization has various styles and range in clothing such as Vests, Gym Vests, Drawers and Trunks, Polo & Tees etc.

The economy or mass segment accounted for nearly 48 per cent of the company’s turnover in volume terms and nearly 33 per cent in value terms in 2022-23. The company had posted a total turnover of ₹2,368 crore during the year ended March 31, 2023. The semi-premium category accounted for nearly 41 per cent in volume and 52 per cent in value terms while the premium segment accounted for 11 per cent by volume and 15 per cent in value terms of the company’s total turnover.

2. Rupa and Co. Ltd.

Rupa and Co. Ltd

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Rupa and Co. is one the most popular hosiery player in India. Established in year 1968. It has been growing with significant growth in Hosiery market and made a revenue of Rs. 195.44Cr.

It has its headquarters in Kolkata, India with thousands of branches all over the country. Lux, which occupies nearly 15 per cent share in the men’s organised innerwear market at present, is also hopeful of growing the womenswear segment and has identified it as one of the growth drivers.

It has launched a range of women’s innerwear and outerwear products under the brand Lyra. The company is looking to grow the women’s wear segment by introducing new products that are comfort driven. The women’s wear range contributed to close to ₹400 crore during year ended March 2023 and is likely to touch ₹600 crore by FY25, the company said.

The company is also looking to grow the premium innerwear range under the brand ONN among others into ₹500 crore by FY25, up from the current ₹349 crore in FY23.

3. Jockey International

Jockey International

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Jockey international is the world-leading brand, which is established in 1876 and became a public company in 2007 in India. It has its headquarters in Mumbai, India. It has a dominance over Indian region because of huge customer base and trustworthy quality. Jockey is leading in Hosiery market due to its innovative merges and collaborations in India. Some innovations are like.

It is setting new manufacturing units in Ibrahimpatnam Telangana and expanding its area. They have recently launched 3D briefs in India, which are quite popular in other countries. Their innovations are evolving the dominance of Jockey in the Indian Hosiery market.

Jockey has many Products available across India like briefs, socks, stockings, legging and innerwear for men and women. Main reasons for the growth of the market are its constant expansion and innovations in clothing market.


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