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Home Technology and Telecom IT And ITES In 2021, the market size of (B2B) E-Commerce was worth over USD...

In 2021, the market size of (B2B) E-Commerce was worth over USD 5 Bn in India. Will India be able to stand on this growth trajectory? Ken Research

1. Growth of B2B Start-ups in India.

India Online B2B Industry

Trends and Developments in Indian Online B2B Industry

  • (4,650) of Total Online Startups in 2019 provide B2B services.
  • The B2B boom: India added 2,300 B2B start-ups in the last 5 years, and these are the top trends driving the growth.

Mumbai-based service named Pricebaba had announced its launch in 4 new cities taking the total number of cities it is operational in to 11 — a company which was growing exponentially creating an on-ground presence in the three major cities of Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi; from a time when the same start-up had received post-seed funding from 500 Wallah, the $5 Mn India-specific fund from the then ever-popular global accelerator program 500 start-ups; from a time when online property listing platform like was rallying its troops on launching it pocket burning brand campaign; from a time when Mumbai-based food ordering app TinyOwl had raised Rs. 100 Cr. in its Series B round from Matrix Partners, Sequoia Capital and Nexus Venture Partners, aiming to enhance the meal ordering experience of users with its carefully-designed app; from a time when Grofers raised a whooping $35 Mn investment from existing investors to help fund further expansion, leading them to be a $110 Mn start-up in India.

2. Emerging Operational and Technological Innovations Offer Faster, Cheaper Service to Ever Rising Net Savvy Customer

India Online B2B Platform Industry

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Faster Order Fulfillment: Platform Relationships with 3PL partners has led to a decrease in overall time of fulfillment, increasing business efficiency.

New Buyers with Peculiar Habit: The new age consumers are online savvy thus making it easier for business to reach to them through online channels.

Direct Selling to Customers: Online channels enable reaching out to the customers directly thus increasing margins for businesses.

Increase in Visibility: Online platforms help in providing wider scope in terms of visibility & consumer base with the help of internet.

Support in Business Management: Dashboarding makes it easier for firms to track their business activities on a daily basis.

Online Marketplace

Commissions paid on the basis of order size and nature.

       Average Range: 2%-20%.

Listing Platforms

Listing Fees paid to get listed Online for a stipulated time.

       Average Charges: INR ~30,000/year.

3. Early Adoption by Tech Start Ups Paved the Way for Indian Enterprise to Enable Business Operation through Software’s

India Online B2C Retail Market

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  • Udaan helps in tracking the shipment as well as store it in the warehouse with their in-house developed software.
  • The software also helps to rate the players on boarded with them to assess their financial & operating capability.
  • Bizongo provides an Artwork flow management service as well as live tracking and other crucial information analysis services via there In-house software.

Benefits of SaaS OEM

  • Zero/ low Maintenance costs
  • Faster Deployment
  • Agile, Secure & Easily Scalable
  • Rise of Vertical Saas (Operation Specific)

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