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Rise in Access to High-Speed Internet Facilities and Boost in Sales of Smartphones to Drive India Online Food Delivery Market: Ken Research

India is undeniably one of the biggest consumer markets globally, a rise in a number of young populations being productively employed over lucrative industries, sectors such as IT services have raised the living standards. The large-scale usage of online food delivery applications has assisted individuals in ordering and receiving the desired food products at their doorstep. It involves browsing the website or application, selecting from a wide variety of cuisines available, and making the payment through different methods. The online food delivery is a service providing the store or restaurant delivery of food to a customer through the restaurant’s website.

The customer can choose the payment mode as online and cash on delivery. The key features for making effective online food delivery system includes easy & user-friendly dashboard, social media integration, push notification, and cross-platform compatibility with the customer.

The key companies operating in the Online Food Delivery Market in India are Zomato Media Pvt. Ltd., Scootsy Pvt. Ltd., Food Panda Indian Pvt. Ltd., Foodista India Pvt. Ltd., Bundle Technologies Pvt. Ltd., UberEats Pvt. Ltd., Faaso’s Food services Pvt. Ltd., Swiggy Pvt. Ltd., Pisces Services Pvt. Ltd. Some key operating online food delivery apps are TastyKhana, JustEat, Uber Eats, Swiggy, FoodMingo, Pizza Hut, FoodPanda, Zomato Order, Fasso’s, and Dominoes. Moreover, some food delivery startups in the country are Masala Box, 48 East, Box8, and others.

Based on platform type, the market is segmented into websites and mobile applications. Based on the business model, the market is segmented into logistics based, order focused, and full-service. In addition, based on the payment method, the market is segmented into Cash on Delivery (COD) and online.

The online food delivery market is witnessing a substantial increase to a due rise in access to high-speed internet facilities and a boost in sales of smartphones. Some of the other factors associated are a rise in the working population and expanding income levels, further propelling the demand online food delivery market growth in India. However, the majority of players are concentrated in the urban regions of the country, with Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai representing the three largest markets, vendors are now also targeting smaller cities, as they have strong growth potential.  Moreover, the rising trend of the on-the-go food items and quick home delivery models that offer convenience, ready-to-eat and cheaper food delivery and new options have further supported the demand from online food delivery services in the country.

The role of mobile apps and also a web-based system for ordering food playing an important role as more and more people use smartphones, followed by increasing literacy and access to the Internet facilities. Owing to online delivery being cost-efficient, more operators are ready to devote their time, energy, and investments in different formats dedicated to providing delivery food at the doorstep. In addition, use of this online delivery is leading to a considerable decrease in costs of labor, supplies, and cost-saving aspect for the need for quality real estate.

COVID-19 Impact on the Industry

Furthermore, owing to the increasing cases of COVID-19, some of the leading players such as Zomato, McDonald’s Corporation and Domino’s Pizza Inc. have now introduced the feature of the contactless delivery to the customer. All companies are adhering to WHO guidelines norms while providing services to ensure that the food reaches the customer without being touched and is delivered safely with adequate social distancing measures. All the online food delivery companies have already started an outreach program guaranteeing their customers about the safety of ordering food online.

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