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Health Concerns Related to Water Born Disease to Drive Water Purifier Market in India: Ken Research

Water purifier is a device used for purifying; decontaminate water from the hazardous materials such as chemicals, pathogens, microorganisms and other dissolved solids and to make it clean and portable. Most of the water supplied by municipal corporations in urban areas is unsafe to drink and requires further decontamination of impurities related to heavy metals, virus, cysts, bacteria and other toxins Thus, the use of water purifier is being supported by rise in awareness and benefits associated to pure water, rampant urbanization, booming industrialization, and campaigning on advantages of consuming clean water. In addition, the demand for water purification systems in developing like India is further fueled by substantial use of safe water and upsurge in the number of water recycling treatments. However scarcity of fresh water, rise in pollution and rapid surge in population, growth in incidence of waterborne disease significantly led to need of water purification system from the past decade. The substantial declining water quality also result endowing to rise in dumping and untreated sewage, chemicals, pesticides, nutrients, and garbage from industries, agriculture, and municipal corporations into water bodies. In addition, the demand for water purification systems in developing countries is well supported by increase in availability and need of safe water by municipalities and upsurge in the number of water recycling treatments.

Some of the key players operating market are Eureka Forbes, Kent Ro system Ltd., Godrej Industries Ltd., Panasonic India Pvt. Ltd, Eureka Forbes Ltd., Whirlpool India Ltd. Hi-Tech RO Systems, Hindustan Unilever Limited, AO Smith, Ion Exchange (India) Limited, Tata Chemicals Limited, Livpure Pvt. Ltd, and Bajaj Electronics, and many others

Despite the strong market drivers, there is certain challenge associated with the use water purifiers such as educating the people about advantages of using of purifying technologies across rural part of the country adding restrain market. However, huge chunk of population still have an understanding that by boiling water is enough for complete water purification. There are newer technologies in the country related to use of water purifier such as gravity purifier, RO purifier, UV purifier, sediment purifier and water softener. Additionally, government initiatives such as, Smart city mission, ‘Make in India’ initiative along with growing awareness is expected to positively influence the use of water purifiers across the country over the forecast period. Based on technology, market is further segmented into RO Purifier, UV Purifier, Gravity Purifier and Others. Based on the use of sales channel, market is segmented into direct, retail and online.

Rise in adoption of water purifier in urban areas of India providing a lucrative opportunity for the market development. In India water purifier market is being substantially fuelled by rise in awareness and educating the young minds about the key benefits of using and consuming pure water.

COVID-19 Impact on the Market:

Amid outbreak of COVID-19 is expected increase the concerns over cleanliness, rising of immunity levels, and other hygiene methods. Thus, promotion & awareness campaigns from authorities over the use water purifiers are also expected to support the use of water purifiers for institutional, residential place.

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India Water Purifier Market Research Report

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