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India Waterproofing Membrane Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

The report titled “India Waterproofing Membrane Market Outlook to 2025 – Waterproofing Membrane Market by Revenue (Sheet & Liquid Membrane), By Application (Roofing, Walls, Basements & Others), By End Users (Real Estate, Industrial, Infrastructure & Others) & By Regional Demand (North, West, South & East)provides a comprehensive analysis on the status of waterproofing membrane in India. The report covers various aspects including the need for waterproofing products in project and retail business, government infrastructure schemes, waterproofing membrane market size and segmentations, demand side analysis for waterproofing products, challenges faced by waterproofing manufactures, competitive landscape and interview with CICO Tech. India Vice President. The report concludes with market projections for future of the industry including forecasted industry size by revenue with recommended market penetration strategies for a new entrant.

India Waterproofing Membrane Market Overview and Size

Waterproofing membrane market in India was a double digit CAGR growth during FY’14-FY’19 despite downfall in construction market due to demonetization and GST implementations by current government. Rising supply of housing units and commercial office space in the market has provided strong growth of waterproofing membrane market. Also, infrastructure projects such as Statue of Unity, Metro Rail projects of Bangalore & Chennai and others supported positively in the market.

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India Waterproofing Membrane Market Segmentation

By Membrane Type (Sheet and liquid): India despite being price sensitive market saw a rising market share of liquid products with high-end and medium-end range products. Sheet membranes had highest market share in FY’19.

By Application (Roof, Wall, Basements & Others): Roof waterproofing products had highest market shares with general notation of waterproofing for roofs and terrace. Adoption of waterproofing products for basement and foundation application was second highest followed by walls and flooring in FY’2019.

By Cities (Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3): Majority infrastructure and construction development concentrated in Tier 1 cities contributed highest waterproofing product penetration followed by Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities in FY’2019.

By Roof Construction (New Construction and Repair/Renovation): In FY’19, new roof construction had highest market share which has least waterproofing cost compared to repair and renovation works.

By Regional Demand (South, North, West & East): Waterproofing products had highest demand in south region with high product awareness, long rainfall season, high project development in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and others. North region had second highest demand for waterproofing products followed by West and least in East region in FY’2019.

By End Users (Real Estate and Industrial, Infrastructure, and Others): Rising demand for high-end projects in real estates and rising awareness of products in Industrial sectors made real estate industrial end users with highest market share in FY’2019, followed by infrastructure and others.

Competitive Landscape of Major Players Operating in the India Waterproofing Membrane Market

Competition stage within the India Waterproofing Membrane Market for organized players was observed to be moderately concentrated with 7 major players such as Dr. Fixit, Sika India, Fosroc India, STP, and Asian Paints and among others dominating the mix of institutional and retail market in FY’2019. Major players in the industry were identified to be mix of domestic and international player operating with local manufacturing plants, co-makers/ private label and import of finished products. They were found to be competing on the basis of product portfolio, project experiences, delivery timelines, price, after-sales service, national presence, and product quality and product customization ability.

India Waterproofing Membrane Market Future Outlook & Projections

Waterproofing membrane market is expected to grow with positive growth in the forecasted period of FY’2019-FY’2025. Rising product awareness, demand for high end projects, green building materials, government focus on infrastructure development, and growing developments in Tier 2 and Tier 3 will boost the waterproofing membrane market in India.

Key Segments Covered:-

By Membrane Type

Sheet Membrane

Liquid Membrane

By Application

Roof & Terrace

Walls & Flooring

Basement & Foundation


By Cities

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

By Regional Demand

North Region

South Region

West Region

East Region

By Type of Roof Construction

New Construction


By End Users

Real Estate and Industrial



Key Target Audience:-

Waterproofing Membrane Manufacturing Companies

Construction Chemical Manufacturing Companies

Contractors and Applicators

Construction Chemical Association

Raw Material Manufacturing Companies

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period: FY’2014-FY’2019

Forecast Period: FY’2019-FY’2025

Companies Covered in Report:-

Pidilite Dr. Fixit

Sika India

Fosroc Chemical India

Shalimar Tar Products Limited (STP Limited)

Asian Paints Limited (Smart Care)

BASF (Master Builders Solutions)

CICO Technologies Limited (CTL)

Chryso India

Mapie India

GCP Applied Technology India

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Major Upcoming Infrastructure and Real Estate Projects in India

Waterproofing Purchase Trends- End User Perspective

Product Landscape of Major Bedding Industry Players

CICO Technologies, Vice President Take on the Waterproofing Industry in India

Recommended Market Penetration Strategies and New Player Entry

India Waterproofing Membrane Industry Future Outlook to 2025

For More Information on the research report, refer to below link:-

India Waterproofing Membrane Market

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