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Indian Poultry Market: Analysis, Stimulators, Segmentation and Competitors

India has now arrived in the race for the production of eggs and broiler meat. It is one of the largest producers whose poultry market reached the value of INR 1,721.9 billion in the year 2021. A major shift in the infrastructures and working of the poultry industry has been observed in the last two decades. It is estimated that the Indian poultry market will further grow at the CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 8.1% between 2022-2026, reaching a worth of nearly INR 2,917.6 billion by 2026.

The revolution and increase in the poultry market are the results of considerable investment in the development of breeding, hatching, rearing and processing activities. Some of the well-known regional markets for poultry products are Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Haryana, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh.

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Stimulators for Indian Poultry Market

Increase in per capita income: Broilers were considered a luxury food in the past, but today, it has become the common food of most of the population. The reason behind this is the increase in disposable income which has enhanced the buying capacity of the people.

Availability of varieties of cuisines: Increase in the number of restaurants has given exposure to people to different types of cuisines. This has led to changes in people’s eating habits and even converted vegetarians into non-vegetarians.

Availability: Poultry meat is available throughout the year and is believed to be more hygienic than other animal meats. It is now provided to customers by online delivery services, making it easier to access.

Schemes launched by Government: Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairying has started the capital fund schemes to support the poultry business. They also aim at educating farmers to improve their yield.

Growth in Bakery Products: Eggs are an important ingredient in most bakery products. The demand for these products has surged and is rising at present. These have given a boost to the poultry market since eggs are part of the Indian poultry market.

Protein diet: People are trying to adopt healthy eating habits. Exercising individuals are recommended to eat more proteins. Eggs and broilers being the rich and easily available sources of proteins, their consumption has increased.

Segmentation of Indian Poultry Market

There are segments and sub-segments under the segment when it comes to Poultry Market. This categorization is given below.

  1. Classification on the basis of major Segments.
  • Broiler.
  • Eggs.
  1. Classification of broilers on the basis of end uses.
  • Households.
  • Food services.
  1. Classification of broilers and eggs on the basis of distribution channels.
  • Modern retail shops
  • Traditional retail shops.
  • Business to business.
  1. Classification of eggs on the basis of distribution channels.
  • Retail.
  • Institutional.

Competitors in Indian Poultry Market

In India, the poultry market is dominated by some the key players in Poultry Market. This data has been examined on the basis of the shares, investments, mergers, plant turnovers, acquisitions and other major developments.

  • Bharati Poultry Pvt. Limited
  • IB Group
  • Mulpuri Group
  • RM Hatcheries (RM Group)
  • Simran Farms Limited
  • Skylark Hatcheries Pvt. ltd.
  • Sneha Group
  • Srinivasa Farms
  • Suguna Foods Private Limited
  • Venkys India (VH Group).

These competitor companies play a major role in keeping the Indian Poultry Market in pace with local as well as international demands.

Export market

According to the APEDA’s survey for the year 2021-22 , the poultry products of 320,240.46 MT were exported to the world. These products were worth Rs. 529.81 Crores/ 71.04 USD Millions. The major poultry products importing countries from India are Oman, Maldives, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bhutan, Japan and Russia.

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