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Indonesia Cold Chain Market is expected to generate IDR ~ 6,800 Bn by 2026F owing to growing demand by end users and technology upgradation: Ken Research

The Cold chain market is highly fragmented and is home to 100+ cold transportation & storage players enabling the market to transform over the years. Cold chain market is expected to witness significant increase in the number of companies, year-on-year thereby making the industry highly fragmented in the coming years. The market is divided in two segments – Cold Storage and Cold Transportation.

  • Majority of the 3PL companies are expected to cater to the demand in the future years by deploying more reefer trucks to overcome the undersupply in the market.
  • Rising per capita income and growing urbanization are augmenting the demand for outdoor dining and frozen food products.
  • Frozen pallets are expected to grow due to increasing imports of meat and seafood and particularly an increase in demand for fisheries.


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Rising Storage Costs: Storage cost is expected to rise due to increase in prices of energy and labour costs along with rising automation and technological advancements in the cold storage. Logistics players accommodate booming demand of meat and sea food and frozen food by either expanding their own fleet or outsourcing the vehicles from the third party for the time period to cut their costs.

Technological Advancements Leading to Automation: Indonesia Cold Storage Industry is experiencing a new wave of technological development namely Automation, which increases efficiency and reduces wastage. Automation increases accuracy and speeds up services by improving the staging and picking processes. It enables temperature monitoring in real time, which helps minimize wastage due to contamination and spoilage. Automation leads to a smaller building footprint since robotic stacker cranes can access much higher shelves than forklift operators. This reduces land and rental costs. It creates lesser pilferage and tampering as well as improved ergonomics for workers improving safety and efficiency.

Increase in Demand for Frozen and Chilled food Delivery: Due to shifting dietary preferences, expanding e-commerce, and expanding economies, there is an increase in demand for frozen and chilled food delivery. In order to distribute fresh food and other products in Indonesia, DENSO Corporation and Global Mobility Service (GMS) recently started field testing of a new delivery service incorporating small refrigerated parcels. The domestic sector began producing reefer containers, also known as cooler containers, this year for the first time. Members of the Indonesian Cooling Chain Association (ARPI) and PT Industri Kereta Api (Inka) are working together on production.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication Indonesia Cold Chain Market Outlook to 2026F– Driven by Rising Fisheries Industry & Convenience Food Consumption Owing to Growing Population and Infrastructural Development” by Ken Research observed that Indonesia Cold Chain Market is in the growing phase. Change in lifestyle and urbanization, the growing fisheries sector, expansion of existing cold storages and rising domestic consumption of meat are some of the factors that will contribute to the Indonesia Cold Chain Market growth over the period of 2021-2026F. It is expected that Indonesia Cold Chain Market will grow at a CAGR of 12.9% for the above forecasted period.

Key Segments Covered:-

Indonesia Cold Chain Market

By Cold Storage and Cold Transport

By Ownership

  • Owned
  • Third Party Logistics

By End Users

  • Meat and Seafood
  • Vaccination and Pharmaceuticals
  • Processed Frozen Foods
  • Dairy Products
  • Fruits, Vegetables and Others

Indonesia Cold Storage Market

By Automation

  • Automated Pallets
  • Non-Automated Pallets

By Temperature Range

  • Ambient
  • Frozen
  • Chillers

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By End User

  • Meat and Seafood
  • Vaccines & Pharmaceuticals
  • Frozen Processed Foods
  • Dairy Products
  • Fruits, Vegetables and Others

By Region

  • Jakarta
  • Medan
  • Bekasi
  • Others

Indonesia Cold Transport Market

By Type of Reefer Truck

  • Reefer Vans/Trucks
  • 20 foot reefers
  • 40 foot reefers

By Mode of Transportation

  • Land
  • Sea
  • Air

By Location

  • International
  • Domestic

By Vicinity

  • Inter-city
  • Intra-city

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By End Users

  • Meat & Sea Food
  • Vaccines & Pharmaceuticals
  • Dairy Products
  • Frozen Processed Foods
  • Fruits & Vegetables and Others

Key Target Audience:-

  • Cold Storage Companies
  • Cold Chain Companies
  • Cold Transport Companies
  • Captive Cold Storage Companies
  • Captive Cold Chain Companies
  • Logistics Companies
  • Non-captive Companies
  • Cold Chain Associations
  • Logistics Associations
  • Private Equity Firms
  • Venture Capitalists

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

  • Historical Period: 2016-2021
  • Base Year: 2021
  • Forecast Period: 2021– 2026F

Companies Covered:-

  • Kiat Ananda Cold Storage, PT
  • Enseval Putra Megatrading Tbk, PT
  • GAC Samudera Cold Chain Logistics Services
  • Mgm Bosco Logistics, PT
  • Sukanda Djaya, PT
  • Mega Internasional Sejahtera, PT
  • Dua Putera Perkasa Pratama
  • Winson Cold Storage
  • Savina Cold Storage
  • PT Perikanan Indonesia
  • Wahana Cold Storage, PT
  • Agung Cold Storage
  • Expravert Nasuba, PT
  • Ruangan Pendingin Indonesia
  • Indomaguro Tunas Unggul
  • PT Halal Logistic Multi Terminal Indonesia
  • Pluit Cold Storage, PT
  • Wira Logitama Saksama
  • United Refrigeration, PT
  • Tunas Perkasa

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

  • Country Overview and Infrastructure Analysis of Indonesia
  • Indonesia Cold Chain Market Overview
  • Ecosystem of Indonesia Cold Chain Market
  • Indonesia Cold Chain Industry Evolution and Value Chain
  • Indonesia Cold Chain Market Size, 2016-2021
  • Indonesia Cold Chain Market Segmentation
  • Indonesia Cold Storage Market Overview
  • Indonesia Cold Transport Market Overview
  • Industry Analysis of Indonesia Cold Chain Market
  • Key Growth Drivers in Indonesia Cold Chain Market
  • Competitive Landscape in Indonesia Cold Chain Market
  • End User Analysis of Indonesia Cold Chain Market
  • SWOT Analysis of Indonesia Cold Chain Industry
  • Issues and Challenges in Indonesia Cold Chain Industry
  • Future Outlook of Indonesia Cold Chain Industry
  • Future Outlook of Indonesia Cold Storage Market
  • Future Outlook of Indonesia Cold Transport Market
  • Market Opportunities and Analyst Recommendations
  • Research Methodology

For more insights on the market intelligence, refer to below link:-

Future Outlook of Indonesia Cold Chain Market

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