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Home Food Beverage and tobacco COVID-19 Pandemic led to Emergence of In-Home Consumption within Indonesia for both...

COVID-19 Pandemic led to Emergence of In-Home Consumption within Indonesia for both Ice-Cream and Dessert Snacks: Ken Research

      • Both Local, as well as International Ice-Cream Manufacturers, will carry out Product Innovation while maintaining their Quality Standards to face coronavirus outbreak
      • COVID-19 has caused sales of hygiene products to skyrocket, while ice-cream sales have significantly dropped
      • Halt in the trade activities between Indonesia and China, which is generally used to source a majority of packaging material.
      • APSSI (Indonesian Sociology Study Program Association) claims that the country’s trade turnover has decreased by 90% thereby, affecting Indonesia’s economy.

COVID-19 pandemic has been changing the behavior of Indonesian consumers in terms of spending and lifestyle choices to distribution/shopping channels used and media consumed. Compared with other Asian countries such as China and Vietnam, eating ice-cream at home is not a common activity amongst Indonesians. However, increased consumption was witnessed in the packaged ice-cream segment especially via internet retailing. The total number of internet users in Indonesia is anticipated to grow from ~119 million in 2020 to ~150 million by the year ending 2023 thus, supporting digital sales over the long term. On the other hand, the national lockdown situation in the near future is further expected to reduce customer visits to offline convenience stores and hypermarket/supermarket chains, therefore, causing a decline in sales.

Ice-Cream Manufacturers such as Aice Group Holdings would continue to launch a variety of new product variants that would also sit well with the affordable price needs of price-sensitive Indonesian consumers. The Company seems positive in expanding by setting up the 3rd factory in the Sumatra region amid pandemic effects. In addition, there will be approximately 5 other new products that will be adjusted to current market needs. Apart from product innovation, local manufacturers will continue to generate sales by expanding product distribution to multiple regions that have relatively showcased limited sales in the past few years.

Global crisis also caused an increase in sales of hygiene products and foods at home alongside termination of consumption outside home, which greatly affected impulse ice cream business of major international players such as Unilever. The domestic ice-cream market in Indonesia is dominated by Unilever, followed by Campina, Aice and others. Companies are increasingly adopting spraying of disinfectants in order to stop the entry of corona virus from any external medium. Apart from that, safety standards are being laid into place for factory workers and other employees for the prevention of corona virus or COVID-19.

The report titled Indonesia Frozen Ice-Cream and Desserts Market Outlook to 2025 – Launch of Multiple Flavor Variants and Innovation in Packaging Material to Drive Market Demand by Ken Research suggested that the market is further expected to grow in future majorly due to changing urban lifestyle of the Indonesians and alteration in their preferences over the purchasing platform. Indonesia frozen desserts and ice-cream market is expected to register a positive six-year CAGR of 5.9% and 3.1% in terms of sales value and volume respectively during the forecast period 2019P-2025F.

Key Segments Covered: –

Product Type

Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts

Impulse Ice Cream by Type

Single Portion Dairy Ice-Cream

Single Portion Water Ice-Cream

Impulse Ice Cream by Format



Others (Single Serving Cups, Family Pack Tubs, Ice-Cream Cakes and Rest)

Take Home Ice Cream

Bulk Dairy Ice Cream

Multi-Pack Dairy Ice Cream

Take-Home Water Ice Cream

Distribution Channel



Independent Small Grocers

Convenience stores

Other grocery retailers

Non store retailing

Health and beauty specialist retailers

Key Target Audience

Dairy food manufacturers

Milk Processors

Dairy Association

Ice-Cream Manufacturers

Frozen Dessert Manufacturers

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2013-2019P

Forecast Period: 2019P–2025F

Companies Covered:

Ice-Cream and Frozen Desserts –

Unilever Group

Campina Ice Cream Industry PT

Alpen Food Industry PT

Diamond Cold Storage PT

Indofood Sukses Makmur Tbk PT

Key Topics Covered in the Report: –

Executive Summary – Indonesia Ice-Cream and Frozen Desserts Market

Need, Opportunity and Industry Size of Ice-Cream and Frozen Desserts Market

Demand & Supply Side Ecosystem, Preferences & Trends across End Users Market

Market Segment by Product Type, 2013-2019P

Market Segment by Distribution Channel, 2013-2019P

Ecosystem for Dairy Food Industry in Indonesia

Value Chain Analysis

Trade Scenario in Indonesia Frozen Ice-Cream and Desserts Market, 2014-2018

Comparative Landscape in Indonesia Frozen Ice-Cream and Desserts Market

Regulatory Landscape in Indonesia Frozen Ice-Cream and Desserts Market

4 Ps Analysis

Indonesia Frozen Ice-Cream and Desserts Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2019P-2025F

Appendix / Research Methodology

For more information on the research report, refer to below link: –

Indonesia Frozen Ice-Cream and Desserts Industry

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