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Indonesia Used Cars Market Future Outlook and Analysis: Ken Research

Indonesia Used Cars Market Segmentation

By Market Structure

In 2018 the sales volume through the unorganized sector contributed to the majority of the market sales which is nearly ~% of the market. Indonesian consumers who may want to use a vehicle for a short period of time or who may not be able to afford a new vehicle find it convenient to visit a nearby dealer and purchase it as per their budget. On the other hand, the organized sector was observed to capture the remaining ~% volume share in 2018.

By Distribution Channel

Unorganized- Due to higher discounts given by the unorganized market, the majority of transactions conducted in the market are through C2C or local dealership channel. The local dealership channel controlled a major proportion of the total sales volume in the unorganized used car market during 2018. , C2C trade-in had the remaining where potential buyers and sellers negotiate themselves without any involvement of a third party.

Organized- Within the organized space, multi-brand showrooms and OEM certified outlets took had a massive market share in terms of sales volume whereas, the remaining volume share was captured by the bank repossessed cars segment during the year 2018

By Type of Used Cars

Indonesia used car market comprises of three major segments of used cars which are MPV/Sedan, Economy/Hatchback, SUV and MPVs, and sedan have dominated the sale of used cars in Indonesia during 2018 due to increase in the demand for bigger cars because of growing family sizes in Indonesia. Economy and the hatchback had the second-highest market share followed by SUV.

By Kilometers Driven

Pre-owned cars are driven for a range of 50000-80000 km collectively dominated the Indonesian Used car market. Cars who have clocked around 50,000-80,000 km are highly affected in terms of checking mechanical conditions (car battery and others) of the vehicle, physical conditions (tires, paint scratches as well as dents and others) causing wear and tear thus, reducing the total price of the vehicle.

By Year of Manufacture

Cars manufactured during the period 2009-2018 dominated Indonesia used cars market along with a massive collective volume share of ~% thus, evaluated around ~ thousand units during 2018. This segment recorded the highest sales owing to the fact that potential buyers had

A large variety of used car models to choose from. In addition to that, banks offer low-interest rate financing options for used cars with an ownership period of fewer than 5 years.

By Type of fuel

The Indonesian used car market was dominated by gasoline-driven cars followed by Diesel and then others which include hybrid, electric and CNG). The reason for the higher sales of used gasoline cars is the average sales price. The difference in the on-road price of petrol and diesel used car variant is majorly high because the cost of registration for a diesel car is more than that of a gasoline car.

Key Segments Covered: –

Market Structure

Unorganized Sector

Organized Sector

Distribution Channel

Unorganized (Local dealership, C2C)

Organized (Multi-brand dealership and OEM certified, Repossessed cars)

Unorganized and Organized lead generation source

Dealership Walk-ins

Online Auto Portal

Type of used cars




Sales by major cities






Type of Used passenger cars



Kilometers driven






120000 and above

Year of manufacture

Before 2000






Fuel Type



Others (Hybrid, electrical, CNG)

Key Target Audience

Automobile Companies

OEM certified companies

Online Classifieds

Multi Brand Organized Car Dealers

Time Period Captured in the Report: –

Historical Period – 2013-2018

Forecast Period – 2019-2023

Companies Covered: –

Multi-brand Dealerships (Mobil88, Andre Motors, Auto2000, Tunas, Sun Star motors and others)

OEM Certified Dealerships (Toyota Trust, Hyundai Autosafe, Mercedes certified, and BMW premium select)

Online auto portals (OLX, Mobil123, Carmudi, Mobil88, OTO others)

For More Information on the Research Report, Click On The Link Below: –

Indonesia Used Car Market Outlook

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