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A partnership of Innovation: SSI Schafer & Brands for less introduce Automated Roaming Shuttle: Ken Research

Globally renowned logistics brand, SSI Schaffer, introduces an Automated Roaming Shuttle in Dubai. This state-of-the-art technology is set to revolutionize the retail logistics industry.


  • As per Ken Research, customizable solutions drive growth and value in diverse industries.
  • Collaboration between Brands for Less and SSI Schaefer delivers transformative results.
  • The shuttle technology revolutionizes warehouse automation capabilities.
  • Groundbreaking automation solution enhances efficiency and storage optimization.

1. It’s all in the details: The shuttle is what has sparked the interest of industry experts

KSA Warehouse Automation MarketAlso Read: KSA Warehouse Market dynamics

The groundbreaking solution comprises a VNA selective storage system for 4,350 pallets and an automated bin storage system with 123,000 totes. The technology which was implemented this year in May, was a result of a collaboration between Schaffer & Brands for Less promises to offer significant improvements in efficiency, storage optimization & cost reduction for businesses in the industry. A ray of hope was noticed amongst industry players as well as the company owners as the 6000 sqm facility in which the shuttle was introduced got itself ready to move ahead in a more organized manner. Aeyman Beydon, Deputy CEO & Group COO of Brands for less said in a statement, “We are extremely pleased with the results of our collaboration with SSI Schaefer, as this automated storage solution has significantly enhanced our warehouse efficiency, allowing us to serve our customers better and meet their increasing demands. The system’s flexibility will support our expansion across the GCC, as well as our growing e-commerce business.”

2. Milestone of Innovation: The Shuttle Propels Warehouse Automation to New Heights

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Looking back at the warehouse automation industry, a major reason behind the fast-paced growth of the same has been Increasing demand for faster delivery amidst all the other factors. With the growth of e-commerce market alongside fast fashion trends & food & grocery demands, warehousing became a necessity rather than a want.

Going by the timeline, the period before 2010 witnessed an emerging automation sector with warehousing demand limited to Retail sector along with limited or no regulations & lack of cold storage facilities. Fast forward to the current scenario, companies are opting for automation facilities in almost every sector.

3. Transformative Synergy: A Paradigm-Shifting Partnership Propelling Warehouse Automation.

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Taking about the players in the industry, the collaboration between Brands for Less and SSI Schaefer demonstrates the transformative power of innovative technology in optimizing logistics operations. By implementing cutting-edge solutions, SSI Schaefer has empowered Brands for Less to enhance market position, meet customer demands, and achieve cost savings. As automation continues to revolutionize warehouse and logistics efficiency, SSI Schaefer’s customizable solutions hold immense potential to drive growth and deliver value across diverse industries and businesses of all sizes.

Major Players Mentioned in the Report:

KSA Warehousing Automation Market (Warehouse Management System)

  • Sin7
  • Swiss Log
  • Aptean
  • Epicor
  • Finale Inventory
  • Manhattan Associates

KSA Warehousing Automation Market (Last Mile Delivery)

  • Aramex
  • Fetchr
  • Ancra
  • Shipa
  • Jeebly
  • Posta

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KSA Warehousing Automations Market (Piece Picking Robots)

  • Grey Orange
  • Handplus Robotics
  • Dematic
  • Universal Robots
  • Fizyr

Key Target Audience – Organizations and Entities Who Can Benefit by Subscribing This Report:

  • 3rd Party Logistics Providers
  • Investors
  • Technology & Automation Solution Provider
  • Manufacturers
  • Warehouse Managers & operators
  • Retail & E-Commerce Providers

Time Period Captured in the Report:

  • Historical Period: 2016-2022
  • Base Year: 2022
  • Forecast Period: 2022-2027

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KSA Warehousing Automation Market

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