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With 60% of the Fire incidents being caused by sparks or due to technological inconvenience, a major development in the UAE Fire Safety & Rescue Tools is anticipated. Read More to Find Out: Ken Research

Although buildings are equipped with fire protection systems such as fire pumps rangling from 5000-37000 litters capacity, an improved & integrated system will result in smooth functioning & lesser accidents, says a report by Ken Research

1. Buildings in UAE have fire protection systems in place to prevent fire accidents, and assist in firefighting activities in case of fire emergency.

Other Challenges in UAE Fire Safety and Rescue Tools & Products Market

Majority fire accidents in UAE are caused due to incidents or sparks, and defaults not being informed to the authority. Introduction of a proper technological infrastructure in place has been enabling proper operation of fire safety system in the country. Building is equipped with proper fire safety mechanism & builders are nor focusing more on the safety mechanisms since it has been a major concern given the number of accidents in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. It is to be noted that there is a notable difference between fire protection system, which is building oriented (sprinkler systems, fire extinguishers, yard hydrants, etc.) and firefighting measures, which include active firefighting and rescue activities.              

2. Underwater cutting tools, tools with no drop in speed while changing loads are some new technologies in the UAE Rescue tools & products market.

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Launch of new firefighting systems & technologies such as new sensor technology & underwater cutting tools, new products combining thermal imaging and augmented reality (AR) which enables firefighters to see through smoke, rising preference for battery operated rescue tools, are some of the recent trends in this market. Furthermore, this market is susceptible to more technological advancement due to the constant demand for making safer products for firefighters and first responders.

3. With projected growth of construction sector in UAE being 4% in next 5 years, fire safety equipment will continue to be in demand.

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UAE has been actively attracting strong investors, with initiatives such as Expo 2020. Technological & infrastructural development is expected to be witnessed in the upcoming years with increasing number of fire stations to be put into place in the coming 5 years and with accidents majorly concentrated in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, most of the fire safety infrastructural development will also be concentrated in these places. Moreover, an improvement in infrastructure & government initiatives can also be expected.


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