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Home Manufacturing And Construction Oman Plastic Pipe and Fitting Market Research Report to 2022: Ken Research

Oman Plastic Pipe and Fitting Market Research Report to 2022: Ken Research

How have Oman Plastic Pipe and Fitting Market Evolved?

Oman Plastic Pipe and Fitting Market is in its growth stage. The market has registered a five year CAGR of ~% from 2012 to 2017. The raw materials used in manufacturing of plastic pipes and fittings are easily available in the country. In the earlier days PVC pipes were primarily used in the market but as the economy of the country expanded the demanded shifted to PE pipes. Currently an increase in demand of PP pipes can be witnessed in the country. The market depends largely on the infrastructure growth in the country. The market has grown at slower pace than expected due to economic crisis that have engulfed Oman. The economic slowdown has adversely affected the infrastructure sector of the country as government spending has reduced substantially over the years.

The steps taken by government in order to achieve economic diversification has had a positive effect on the plastic pipe and fitting market. Infrastructure projects undertaken by the private sector have increased in value over the last few years.  Construction of Duqm special economic zone have also boosted the plastic pipes and fitting market. Among plastic pipe and fitting market plastic fittings are mostly exported from neighboring countries. Water conservation is one of the major trends that can be observed in Oman which has affected the plastic pipe and fitting market a lot. Most of the plastic pipes in Oman are used for water supply and sewage systems. Real estate developers constitute one of the biggest end users in the country.

Oman Plastic Pipe and fitting market segmentation

By Type of End User Application:

The end user application for plastic pipes and fittings can be categorized into Water supply and sewage, Irrigation, Oil and chemical industry pipelines, Plumbing and others (cable protection, gas and others). ~% of the plastic pipes and fittings in Oman are used for water supply and sewage systems. UPVC and HDPE pipes are being preferred by the government as they are comparatively low in cost as compared to steel and iron pipes under similar working condition and life. Plumbing application has ~% of the market share due to which large scale of real estate construction undertaken by the private sector in Oman. Chemical and Oil sectors are widely present in Oman. These sectors also use plastic pipes and fittings which accounts to ~% of the entire market. Irrigation sector has ~% of the market share in the country. Other application which include transfer of gas and electric cable conduits account for ~% of the market share.

Type of Pipe:

The market is segmented into UPVC, Plain PVC and CPVC, PE and Others. Others mainly include plastic pipes such as ABS and PP. In 2017, PE pipes had the largest market share of ~%. This is due to the fact that these types of pipes can be used in large number of commercial and domestic application. UPVC pipes has a market share of ~% as these types of pipes are very cheap and are widely used in various sectors such as water pipelines. Plain PVC and CPVC pipes has a combined market share of ~% as these types of pipes have been substituted by a number of types of pipes such as PE pipes. The newest type of pipes such as ABS, PPR, and PPX etc are categorized under others. The market share of such pipes is ~%. These types of pipes are of high quality but at the same time are very high priced.

By the Type of Market Structure:

The market structure of plastic pipes and fittings can be categorized into organized and unorganized players. The organized players have a market share of ~%. The unorganized players have the market share of ~%. Amiantit Oman, Muna Noor, Hepworth are some of the players in organized sector of plastic pipe and fitting. There are less than ~ players in the organized market and these companies manufactures high grade of plastic pipes and fittings. The players in unorganized market mostly manufacture plain PVC pipes only.

By the Type of Source:

This classification divides the market into domestically manufactured product and imported products. The domestically manufactured products acquire ~% of the market share which comprises of all the types of plastic pipes. Low price of raw material is one of the reasons for high market share of domestically manufactured pipes. Imported pipes are having a market share of ~%. The products imported mostly include plastic fittings which are not manufactured on large scale within the country.

Competitive Landscape in Oman Plastic Pipe and Fitting Market

The competition of the market is concentrated in the hands of top five players which include Amiantit Oman, Muna Noor, National Plastic, Hepworth and United Gulf Pipe Manufacturing Company. Out of these companies National Plastic and UGPM are the two companies which manufacture plastic fittings, apart from these two companies plastic fittings is imported. The market share of these companies is ~%. Amiantit Oman is the biggest manufacturer of plastic pipes and fittings in the country with a market share of ~%. It is followed by Muna Noor with market share of ~%. National Plastic (~%), Hepworth (~%) and UGPM (~%) constitute 80% of the Oman plastic pipe and fitting market. There are some unorganized players in the market who together constitute ~% of the market share by revenue. The manufacturers either sell the products to end users directly through B2B sales or through retailers. Muna Noor also sells to its customers through its exclusive retail stores.

Key Segments Covered

By End User Application:


Water Supply & Sewage


Chemical & Oil

Others (Cable Protection, Gas etc.)

By Type of Pipes:

Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (UPVC)


Polyethylene (PE) (HDPE, MDPE, LDPE)

Others (Include polypropylene pipes, ABS, Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) Etc.)

By Type of Market Structure

Organized Sector

Unorganized Sector

Key Target Audience

Plastic Resin Suppliers

Plastic Pipe and Fitting Manufacturing Companies

Oil and Gas Industry

Government Bodies

Real Estate developers

Agriculture Sector Companies

Time Period Captured in the Report:

2012-2017 – Historical Period

2017-2022 – Future Forecast

Companies Covered:

Amiantit Oman, Muna Noor, Hepworth, National Plastic, UGPM

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

Overview of Oman Plastic Pipe and Fitting Market

Value chain analysis

Oman Plastic Pipe and Fitting Market Size by Revenue

Major Players in the Oman Plastic Pipe and Fitting Market

Market Segmentation by Type of Pipe (UPVC, CPVC and PVC, PE, Others) and By End User Application (Irrigation, Water Supply & Sewage, Plumbing, Chemical & Oil, Others Restraints

Growth Drivers

Company profile of Major Manufacturers (Amiantit Oman, Hepworth, Muna Noor, UGPM, National Plastic)

Market Snapshot of Middle East Plastic Pipe and Fitting Market

Vendor Selection Process

Future Outlook

Analyst Recommendation

For more information on the research report, refer to below link:

Oman Plastic Pipe and Fitting Market

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