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Philippines Access Control Market Research Report: Ken Research

Philippines Access Control Market Size, Segmentation and Market Share

The increase in revenues has been attributed to the technological advances in the access control systems market and improved usage of smart cards and biometric solutions. Additionally, growing awareness about the importance of security equipment as a result of a rise in burglaries, theft and overall sense of insecurity also supported the sales. The market of Philippines Access Control has increased at a CAGR of ~% during the period 2014-2019, with revenues reported at PHP ~ million during 2019

By Type of Access Control: Card-based access control has dominated the market in Philippines access control market with a ~% revenue share during 2019. This was followed by Hybrid, Keypad and biometric access control market.

Market Share

An access control system is fragmented among a large pool of international companies, innovating products to penetrate the market for electronic security products.

Philippines Intrusion Detection Market Size, Segmentation and Market Share

Intrusion alarms are the most popular amongst the residential sector, but they fail to garner demand from other sectors, owing to high-rate of false alarms instances, generally induced by environmental conditions. The financial sector including banks was amongst the early adopters of intrusion alarms in the country, as government made the installation of intrusion alarms and other electronic security equipment’s mandatory for banks and hotels. The market for Philippines Intrusion Detection has increased at a CAGR of ~% during the period 2014-2019, with revenues reported at PHP ~ million during 2019

By Type of Intrusion Detection: Motion Sensors has dominated the market in Philippines Intrusion Detection market with ~% revenue share during 2019. This was followed by the Infrared and seismic detectors market.

Snapshot on System Integrator Market in Philippines Electronic Security Market

An electronic security system integrator is an entity that specializes in providing customized solutions to the clients by combining electronic security components from different vendors. Unlike manufactures, systems integrators typically do not produce any electronic security products. Instead, they enable a company to use off-the-shelf hardware and software packages to meet the client’s electronic security needs

A system integrator is involved in several procedures, from selling the product to providing after-sale services. A system integrator usually procures the desired electronic security products from a manufacturer. After procuring, the system integrating the company adds its margin and supplies the products to the client. Quotations are different depending on the client. The average margin of a system integrator is around ~%.

The market for organized electronic security systems integration in the Philippines has been highly fragmented with the presence of both organized as well as unorganized players over the period 2013-2018. Major organized system integrators generally deal with large projects while unorganized systems integrators generally cater to the small residential households and commercial offices

During 2019 (P), the total revenues generated by system integrator from sales and installation for electronic security products were reported at PHP ~ million, which has increased from 2018, where the revenues were reported at PHP ~ million during 2018

Market Share

The market for an organized system integrator have been significantly boosted by the emergence of international companies over the past five years.

Philippines Electronic Security Market Future Outlook and Projections

The Electronic Security market in Philippines is expected to register growth at a CAGR of ~% in terms of revenues during 2019-2024E with revenues reported at PHP ~ million by 2024E. This growth in the future can be attributed to the growing awareness for the security needs among Filipinos, technological advancements, rise in the infrastructural developments, rise in the number of fire incidents, mandatory regulations being imposed by the government, growing businesses and rise in commercial buildings. Technologies such as IoT, AI, and Wireless based technology, facial recognition, Smartphone integration; deep learning and Cloud-based technology are expected to bring a drastic change in the electronic security systems in the country.

Technological advancements in the industry are expected to drive the growth in the demand for electronic security systems in the country. New technologies such as Wireless based technology, IoT, AI, and others increase the benefits of the products and hence, enhance the usability for the customers. Competition in both product and installation of the electronic security market is expected to be fierce in the future due to the new entrants in the product suppliers and also the rise in the number of system integrators. Prices are expected to be competitive and hence, offering a high bargaining power to the customers than suppliers in the future.

Key Segments Covered: –

By Channel of Sales

System Integrator Led

Direct Sales

By Product and Installation & Accessories


Installation & Accessories

By Type of End Users

Residential Sector

Non- Residential Sector

Product by Type of Sector

Organized Sector

Unorganized Sector

Product by Type of Product

CCTV Camera

Fire Alarm Systems

Access Control Systems

Intrusion Detection Systems

Specialty Devices

By Type of CCTV Camera

Fixed CCTV Camera


360 Degree Camera

By Type of CCTV Camera

IP Camera

Analog Camera

By Type of IP Camera

Wireless Camera

Non-Wireless Camera

By Type of Camera Housing




CCTV By Type of Region




CCTV Camera by End Users



By Type of Fire Alarms



By Type of Detection

Heat Detectors

Smoke Detectors

Fire Alarm by Type of Region




Fire Alarm by Type of End-user:


Non- Residential

By Type of Access Control


Hybrid (Integration of Two or Three Access Control Systems)

Key Pad


Access Control by Region




Access Control by Type of End Users

Residential Sector

Non-Residential Sector

By Type of Intrusion Detection Systems

Motion Sensors

Infrared Beam Sensors

Seismic Detectors

Intrusion Detection System by Type of Region




Intrusion Detection Systems by Type of End Users

Residential Sector

Non-Residential Sector

By Type of Specialty Devices



Metal Detectors

Specialty Devices by Type of End Users

Residential sector

Non-Residential Sector

Key Target Audience

Existing Electronic Security Manufacturers

System Integrators

New Market Entrants


Electronic System Retailers and Online Suppliers

Time Period Captured in the Report: –

Historical Period: 2014-2019

Forecast Period: 2019-2024E

Key Companies Covered: –






HID (Hong Kong)

UTC (U.S.) – Lenel, Interlogix

Tyco (US) – C-Cure

ICT (New Zealand)






System Integrators

MEC Network Corporation

Net Pacific Inc.

DTSI (as of March)


Guard All

I3 Technologies

EVI Distribution Inc.

Alcon Philippines Technologies and Solutions

Infinite Systems Technology Corporation

Right security solutions

Mustard Seed Systems Corporation

Key Topics Covered in the Report: –

Philippines Electronic Security Market Analysis

Philippines Access Control Market

Philippines Fixed CCTV Camera Market

Hikvision Electronic Security Market Future

HID Global Electronic Security Market Growth Rate

Revenue Bosch Security Systems Philippines

Philippines Electronic Security Market

Philippines Electronic Security Industry

Electronic Security Market Philippines

Electronic Security Industry Philippines

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Philippines Electronic Security Market Research Report

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