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Philippines Cold Chain Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

The publication titled Philippines Cold Chain Market Outlook to 2025: Driven by Rising Processed Food Consumption Owing to the Growing Millennial Population Albeit Infrastructure Challenges” provides a comprehensive analysis of the cold chain market of the Philippines. The report covers the ecosystem of the market, infrastructure analysis of the country, value chain analysis, comparative analysis with other cold chain markets, deep-dive into cold chain market including an overview, size, segmentation, and future outlook, similarly for cold chain and cold transport markets as well. The report also includes the regulatory landscape of cold storage and transport markets, trends, and developments, issues, and challenges, decision making parameters for end-users and SWOT analysis of the industry. The report finally concludes with a competitive landscape including competition scenario, cross-comparison, strengths and weaknesses and company profiles of major players in cold storage and transport business, macroeconomic factors impacting the industry and analyst recommendations.

Philippines Cold Chain Market: Philippines cold chain market was evaluated grow at a CAGR of 12.7% during 2014-2019 owing to the launch of the ‘Philippines National Cold Chain Program’ in 2004 which helped in the establishment of cold chain facilities in major areas of North, Central and South Philippines. Government initiatives such as the ‘Philippines Cold Chain Project’ launched in 2014, ‘Build, Build, Build’ initiative in 2018 and the annual Philippines cold chain expos conducted by CCAP have been vital for market growth. The market has been driven primarily by the cold storage over the transport business. Correspondingly, the cold chain industry has also been driven by rising meat consumption, consistent seafood production, and a rise in preventable diseases among Filipinos thereby augmenting the demand for vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

Philippines Cold Storage Market: Cold storage business has been the major growth driver for the cold chain industry. The estimated number of accredited cold storages by the Department of Agriculture in the Philippines increased from 256 in 2016 to 316 by the year 2019. A high occupancy rate is also observed for facilities during peak seasons such as Ber season for meat and seafood, sometimes exceeding 100% capacity thereby forcing companies to act as mediators between the clients and their sister/partner companies. Some of the leading cold storage players in the industry include Jentec Storage, Glacier Megafridge, Mets Logistics, Royal Cargo, Big Blue Logistics, Royale Cold Storage, ORCA Cold Chain, Vifel Ice Plant, and Cold Storage, Koldstor and Polar Bear Freezing and Storage Corporation. The sector has also witnessed support from the government which increased its subsidy for cold storages to PHP 0.9 million from 2017 to 2019. 

Philippines Cold Transport Market: Cold transport market has been defined as the movement of temperature-sensitive products along the supply chain using thermal and refrigerated packaging techniques and logistical planning to prolong the shelf life of consignments. Several methods for transporting products include refrigerated trucks and railcars, refrigerated cargo ships and air cargo. Moreover, it is the 4, 6 and 8-wheeler reefer trucks with a capacity ranging between 1 to 10 tons which can be seen plying the roads of the Philippines. These are primarily used for delivery over short distances whereas 20-footer and 40-footer reefer trucks are used to deliver products over long distances. For instance, product movement from fish port complexes to anterooms and cold storages incorporate such large-sized trailers. Infrastructural development by the government through the construction of new inter-island bridges and paved roads has propelled the cold transport business. Increasing exports of fruits and vegetables after blast freezing to the west especially the United States has also supported this industry.

Philippines Cold Chain Market Competition Scenario: Competition in the Philippines cold chain market is moderately fragmented as the major 5 players including Jentec Storage, Glacier Megafridge, Mets Logistics, Royal Cargo and Big Blue Logistics were observed to account for the majority share in the market in terms of a number of colds storage pallets in 2019. Additionally, cold chain companies were competing on parameters such as location, price, temperature range and level of integrated services. These companies also focus on marketing their products by directly scheduling meetings with potential clients and also heavily invest in social media marketing. The majority of the competition has been observed to house in the island group of Luzon which was estimated to account for more than 200 cold storages in 2019.

Philippines Cold Chain Market Future Outlook: Philippines cold chain market is expected to register a positive CAGR of 9.9% during 2020-2025 owing to mounting foodservice industry, change in lifestyle and consumption habits, increasing infrastructure investment to improve connectivity for cold transport business, high domestic demand for fish, seafood and meat products, growing focus on ISO and LEED certifications for cold storages, automation in cold storages through ASRS, WMS and RFID and incorporation of quick or blast freezing services. However, despite the augmenting demand for most cold storage products in the country, the market is facing challenges that will affect the business decisions, both in investment planning and operations management. These issues will be the cost of doing business such as having to wade through the government’s bureaucracy and to cope with unexpected and unplanned costs which are extra costs that exert an adverse impact on the industry overall competitiveness.

Key Segments Covered: –

Types of Products:

Meat and Seafood

Fruits and Vegetables

Dairy Products

Bakery and Confectionary

Vaccination and Pharmaceuticals

Others (Include animal feed, hotdogs, burgers, fries, chemicals and several others)

Key Target Audience

Cold Storage Companies

Cold Chain Companies

Cold Transport Companies

Captive Cold Storage Companies

Captive Cold Chain Companies

Logistics Companies

Non-captive Companies

Cold Chain Associations

Logistics Associations

Private Equity Firms

Venture Capitalists

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2014-2019

Forecasted Period: 2020F-2025F

Companies Covered:

Jentec Cold Storage

Glacier Megafridge

Mets Logistics

Royal Cargo

Big Blue Logistics

Royale Cold Storage

ORCA Cold Chain

Vifel Ice Plant & Cold Storage

Koldstor Inc.

Polar Bear Freezing Services

Frabelle Cold Storage

Arctic Cold Storage

Igloo Supply Chain

Antarctica Cold Storage

VVS Cold Storage

Crystal Cold Storage

Benson Industrial Cold Storage

JM Processing

Cold Chain Warehouse Specialist

San Simon Cold Storage

Cebu Subzero Logistics

Estrella Cold Storage

WCL Cold Storage


Aspen Cold Storage

Key Topics Covered in the Report: –

Executive Summary

Research Methodology

Ecosystem of Philippines Cold Chain Market

Infrastructural Analysis of Philippines

Value Chain Analysis of Philippines Cold Chain Market

Comparative Analysis of Philippines with Other Cold Chain Markets Philippines Cold Chain Market

Philippines Cold Storage Market

Philippines Cold Transport Market

Regulatory Landscape of Philippines Cold Chain Market

Trends and Developments in Philippines Cold Chain Market

Issues and Challenges in Philippines Cold Chain Market

Decision Making Parameters for End Users in Philippines Cold Chain Market

SWOT Analysis of Philippines Cold Chain Market

Competitive Landscape in Philippines Cold Chain Market

Macroeconomic Factors Impacting Philippines Cold Chain Market

Analyst Recommendations

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