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Qatar Catering Services Industry Outlook to 2024 (Third Edition): Ken Research

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Catering services deliver the food for large scale meetings, conferences, parties, and several other events. These services might also extend to delivering the meals for institutions such as schools, colleges, and corporate offices. They either have their own in-house cooking staff or have contracted a third-party source for sourcing the food.

According to the report analysis, ‘Qatar Catering Services Industry Outlook to 2024 (Third Edition) – Analyzing potential of incumbents to host World Cup 20221states that the high ex-pat population coupled with the boom in construction activities has resulted in an uptake of catering services led by industrial (construction) camps over the last 5 years. The trend observed upheavals due to the downturn caused by COVID-19 but is projected to re-gain pre-COVID-19 levels by Q2 2021. Not only has this, the FIFA Football World Cup 2022 is being organized in Qatar, leading to an enormous spike and increased implementation of catering services.

With 60% young populace, QAR 200,000 annual per capita national disposable income and ~2 Mn tourist arrivals during 2019 have resulted in the growth of the F&B industry, valued at QAR 8.6 Bn during 2019. The present trends of online food delivery and cloud kitchens are obtaining the momentum as ex-pat young population prefers dining out compared to cooking at home regularly.

The Qatar Catering Services Market is propelled by the present food safety-related incidents, owing to which the FDA has come up with limit and tighter norms and regulations for monitoring the quality and standards of food being served. Thus, along with the regional concern for food safety, it is also propelling the demand for outsourcing catering services, further improving the Qatar catering services market.

50+ years in vintage, the industry has observed the entry and exit of several players. To date, there are 20+ vertical players functioning in the industry. The majority of the firms were set up throughout the 2000-10 decade due to the boom in construction activities. At end of 2019, the industry was serving ~1Mn meals per day; majorly to industrial and government clients. While some market players cater to every type of end-user, some players have positioned themselves on precise segments such as event catering, catering to healthcare sectors, etc.

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A moderately concentrated industry with finest tier firms (supplying >50,000 meals per day) constituting 72% of the industry size. Major firms involve Shaqab, Yemek Doha, Qatar Star Services, Integral Food Services, Compass Qatar, Sodexo Teyseer, etc. Firms are generally competing for basis the scope of services being delivered (Facility Management Services), food quality certifications, logistics, and delivery management, MENUs and cuisines offered, and many more.

Not only has this, incumbents are considering the Football World Cup event as a tipping point for their functional performance and global recognition. To avoid losing out the business to international players, officeholders are undertaking capacity expansion plans, re-branding their firm, opening restaurants focused at tapping individual customers, expanding their MENUs, and partnering with international firms. It would be interesting to watch how companies position themselves while applying for the tender procedure.

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