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Qatar Lubricants Landscape: Pioneering Growth, CAGR Dynamics, and Trailblazing Trajectories: Ken Research

With a steady sales volume CAGR of 2.6% (2022), induced by important factors like fluctuating crude oil prices and infrastructure development, the market reflects resilience and adaptability.


  • Resilient Growth Dynamics: Qatar lubricants market, CAGR 2.6% in 2022, influenced by oil price shifts and inflation rate trends.
  • Diverse Growth Drivers: FDI influx, automotive electrification, manufacturing focus, and tourism boost shape industry trajectory.
  • Market Landscape: Top players dominate, automotive sector key, QALCO’s rise, EV transition, and eco-friendly lubricants anticipated.
  • Sustainable Future: Vision 2030, CAGR 1.9% by 2027, hinges on renewables, manufacturing expansion, stringent norms, and industry innovation.
  • As per ken Research, As Qatar strides towards its National Vision 2030, it is poised to grow at a CAGR of 1.9% by 2027, driven by renewables, manufacturing, and environmental standards.

1.Surging Growth, Inflation, and Key Drivers

Qatar Lubricants Market

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The Qatar Lubricants Market has demonstrated an upward trajectory, showcasing a robust growth from 2017 to 2022 & registering a volume-based Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 2.6%. The market’s growth has been influenced by the spontaneity of crude oil prices which resulted in shifts in lubricants demand as well as revenue patterns.

Qatar’s inflation rate also witnessed a notable increase, climbing from 2.30% in 2021 to 4.96% in 2022. Additionally, an increase in construction activities has fueled the demand for commercial vehicles and construction equipment.

Key growth drivers encompass significant factors including the FIFA World Cup 2022, industrial innovations, rising foreign investments, emphasis on manufacturing, and an increasing demand for rental cars.

2.Key Players and Market Overview

Qatar Lubricants Market

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The Qatar Lubricants Market has a moderately consolidated pattern, with the top five companies collectively occupying around 48% of the market share. Key players in this arena include ExxonMobil Corporation, Qatar Lubricants Company (QALCO), Royal Dutch Shell PLC, Total Energies, and Valvoline Inc.

That being said, the major focus of the market having more than 100 lubricants manufacturers is on automotive sector. In 2020, the Qatari lubricants market witnessed a significant dominance by the automotive sector, constituting around 56% of the total lubricant consumption in the country. This underlines the pivotal role of the automotive industry in shaping the lubricants landscape.

3.Stable Growth, EV Transition, and Regulatory Shifts

Qatar Lubricants Market

The present lubricants market in Qatar showcases steady growth, with a projected continuation of this trend in the medium to long term. Notably, substantial investments have been infused into key sectors such as construction, transportation, and manufacturing, attributed to the forthcoming FIFA World Cup 2022.

Moreover, the growing prominence of Qatar Lubricants Company (QALCO) as a domestic manufacturer has introduced heightened competition against foreign counterparts. As the automotive sector experiences a gradual shift towards electrification, a fresh avenue emerges for specialized Electric Vehicle (EV) greases and fluids.

 In line with environmental concerns, the government is anticipated to enforce more stringent regulations, fostering the adoption of eco-friendly lubricants. These multifaceted developments collectively shape the landscape, with Qatar’s lubricants industry poised for ongoing growth and transformation.

4.Diversified Growth Drivers Fueling Expansion and Industrial Advancements

Qatar Lubricants Market

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The growth pattern of the Qatar Lubricants Market is fueled by a plethora of key drivers, including the diversification of the oil-dependent economy, increasing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) influx, surging demand for rental car services, and the rising emphasis on the manufacturing sector. The Qatari government’s strategic move to advance domestic manufacturing through the Qatar Manufacturing Strategy 2018-2022 has underlined the importance of sectoral growth, majorly in areas like polymers, plastics, aluminum, additive manufacturing, food & beverage, and pharmaceuticals.

The thriving tourism sector, with around 1.4 million global tourists in 2022, propelled an increase in car rental services. Moreover, Qatar’s role as the host of the FIFA World Cup 2022 attracted substantial FDI for infrastructure and industrial development thereby driving construction activities and increasing the demand for lubrication-intensive machinery.

The progressive diversification of the economy from oil-dependency paired with strategic initiatives such as Free Trade Zones (FTZs) and enhanced export capabilities, has enhanced industrialization, further strengthening the market’s growth prospects.

5.The Future Potential

Qatar Lubricants Market

The trajectory of Qatar’s lubricants market points to advancements at a steady CAGR of 1.9%. In tune with Qatar National Vision 2030, important investments have been made for diversifying the economy beyond oil. This transition is paving the way for major lubricant demand avenues.

 The focus on establishing world-class infrastructure alongside robust logistics facilities is expected to fuel the requirement for new commercial vehicles and heavy machinery, inducing lubricant consumption. Moreover, major investments in petrochemicals, manufacturing, and logistics sectors are expected to enhance lubricant requirements in machinery, processing plants, and transportation fleets.

The stringent global emission norms and environmental standards for machinery and vehicles are anticipated to heighten the demand for eco-friendly lubricants, fostering sustainability in the industry.


In a unique blend of economic diversification, strategic investments, and evolving consumer trends, Qatar’s lubricants market has started a transformative journey. With a steady CAGR of 2.6% (2022), induced by important factors like fluctuating crude oil prices and infrastructure development, the market reflects resilience and adaptability.

As Qatar strides towards its National Vision 2030, it is poised to grow at a CAGR of 1.9% (2022), driven by renewables, manufacturing, and environmental standards. The interplay of automotive electrification, regulatory shifts, and industry innovation augments its growth, promising a future fueled by sustainable practices and promising prospects.


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