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Saudi Arabia Organic & In Organic Baby Food Market, Products Online Sales, Companies, Revenue, competition – Ken Research

Baby food comprises soft, effortlessly consumable food that is precisely developed for human infants between four to six months and two years. Baby food products are utilized as a substitute for breast milk to deliver the essential nutrition to infants. They are available in assorted flavours and forms to demand to both children and parents. The surging requirement for pre-prepared and convenient baby food products such as sauces and purees are hastening the industry growth. The incorporation of diverse flavours in numerous baby food products, which is progressively appealing to children, is propelling the growth of the baby food industry.  

Increasing awareness for the nutrition, increment in organized retail marketing, urbanization paired with the proficient increment in the count of working women populace are foremost aspects that foster the baby food market growth. According to the latest market analysis report by Ken Research, ‘Saudi Arabia Baby Food Market Outlook to 2023 – By Food Category (Infant Milk Formula, Dried Baby Food, Prepared Baby Food and Other Baby Food), By Distribution (Supermarkets and Hypermarkets, Health and Wellness Stores, Small Grocery Stores, E-commerce and Convenience Stores), By Inorganic and Organic and By Region’ The Saudi Arabia baby food market was witnessed in an augmenting stage wherein the market experienced a unstable growth pattern during the forecast period 2013-2018. During 2016-2017, the market witnessed the least growth in terms of revenue majorly owing to poor economic conditions i.e. unbalanced oil prices in international markets and policies implemented by the government to encourate the breastfeeding, in the respective years which generated a negative impact on the market. Despite the decline, the baby food market recovered during 2018.

Foremost growth drivers include growing food/household expenditure, rising awareness among the parents to deliver their babies with healthier food options, increment in the internet retailing and several other aspects. Combining all the above-mentioned aspects, the KSA baby food market augmented at a positive five-year CAGR throughout 2013-2018.

According to the finding of this Ken Research report, among the market segments, milk formula captured the majority of the market in Saudi Arabia during 2018 due to its substitution for breastfeeding and low breastfeeding ratio around the country. And western region was witnessed owing to the greater higher disposable income and being a foremost Islamic religious place around Madinah and Makkah with the great awareness and requirement for baby food. On the other hand, the Southern and Northern regions of the KSA are the forthcoming markets for the baby food around the country.

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Over the forecast duration 2019-2023, the Saudi Arabia baby food market is projected to grow in terms of revenue due to growing awareness for nutritional management among parents and growth in the total number of working women which will augment the sales of baby food during the future. Additionally, the market share of internet retail outlet is projected to rise in the near future as Saudi Arabia individuals will start preferring non-traditional channels of retailing in order to save time and money. The requirement for the prepared baby food and other baby food is going to grow in the forthcoming future owing to the government’s policies to focus more on decreasing the malnutrition in the country.

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