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Taiwan E-Commerce Market Future Outlook: Ken Research

How The Taiwan Online Retail Market Is Positioned?

Taiwan online retail industry was observed to grow in the past six years recording a CAGR of ~% in terms of gross merchandise value during the review period 2012-2018 owing to the rising retail websites and apps, availability of wide choice with attractive deals and offers, growing fast and secure online payment services and a rise in the number of online shoppers. The market is growing in Taiwan owing to the well-developed digital infrastructure of the country, rise in the urban population with high smartphone penetration, and increasing user traffic on social media networks. The online retail sales for apparel & footwear were approximately ~ TWD million in 2018.

The changing consumer behavior for online shopping in Taiwan is driving greater demand for the online retail market. With ~% of the total population using social media activity in Taiwan, the e-commerce companies have got a wide scope of opportunities in front of them. The Taiwanese population is witnessing the shift of preference from retail store purchasing to shopping online. The development in the online payment industry has also encouraged the growth of the e-commerce industry in Taiwan by making an easy, fast and secure online transaction system.

What Are the Factors Inflecting Online Retail Market In Taiwan?

High Smartphone Penetration: The increasing number of smartphone users in the country has led to the growth of online retail sales via smartphones. The convenience of shopping without time and place constraints is the major reason for the upward growth of the online retail market in Taiwan.

Developed Digital Infrastructure: The availability of high-speed broadband services at low prices in Taiwan has contributed to the growth of the online retail market. The overall internet penetration rate in Taiwan accounts for ~% for the year 2017.

High Urban Population: A majority of the Taiwanese population resides in the urban areas of the country, constituting over 78.0% of the total population as of 2018. This gives the E-commerce players a wide scope for investing extensively in the market.

Cross Borders E-Commerce: The cross –border e-commerce grew by ~% in the online retail market in Taiwan for 2017 as compared to 2016. The cross border online sales in Taiwan takes place with China, accounting for ~% of the trade as of 2017.

Increasing Number of Social Media Users: High traffic on social media platforms has encouraged online retailers to gauge their presence on social media to attract the targeted segments.

Consumer Profiles

Orders by Region:

Around ~% of the orders received by the e-commerce entities in Taiwan are from Taipei and New Taipei city.

Mode of Payment for Online Orders:

It has been observed that ~% of the total orders in Taiwan are placed using the cash on delivery service as a mode of payment. Digital payments are used for ~% of the overall orders in the country in 2018.

By Gender (Male and Female):

Out of the total online retail GMV, ~% of the GMV was attributed to female buyers and the rest ~% GMV to the male buyers in 2018. Major purchasing using social media platforms are done by females as they are more price-conscious and always look for a wide variety.

How Taiwan Online Retail Market Is Segmented?

By Major Product Categories

Taiwan the online retail market is dominated by apparel and footwear category with the share of ~% in 2018 in terms of gross merchandise value due to high demand for wide variety while home care items have the least contribution with a share of ~% in 2018. The rise in the personal disposable income of the people has driven the market for online sales of retail products in Taiwan.

By Device (Mobile and Desktop)

Mobile accounted for a higher share of ~% in 2018 in terms of the gross merchandise value owing to smartphone penetration and mobile optimization. Desktop contributed to ~% of the total online retail GMV in Taiwan.

Key Segments Covered: –

Online Retail Market

By Product Category Type (Apparel and Footwear, Consumer Electronics, Media Products, Beauty and Personal Care, Consumer Appliances, Consumer Health, Personal Accessories, and Eyewear, Food and Drink, Homewares and Home Furnishings, Traditional Toys and Games, Pet Care, Home Improvement & Gardening, Video Games Hardware, Home Care and Other Internet Retailing)

By Type of Device (Mobile and Desktop)

By Gender (Female and Male)

Online Travel Market

By Categories (Intermediary Online Sales and Direct Online Sales)

By Type of Device (Desktop Travel Sales and Mobile Travel Sales)

By Intermediary Online Sales (OTA Online Sales to Residents and Other Travel Intermediaries Online Sales to Residents)

By Intermediaries Corporate Business Online Sales and Intermediaries Leisure Online Sales

By Direct Online Sales to Residents (Airlines Direct Online Sales, Lodging Direct Online Sales, Car Rental Online Sales, and Other Transport Direct Online Sales)

By Intermediary Corporate Business Online Sales (Air Online Sales Only, Lodging Online Sales Only, Car Rental Online Sales Only, Transport Online Sales Only and Other Online Sales Only)

By Intermediary Leisure Online Sales (Package Holidays Online Sales Only, Air Online Sales Only, Lodging Online Sales Only, Cruise Online Sales Only, Car Rental Online Sales Only, Other Transport Online Sales Only and Other Online Sales Only)

Snapshot on Online Payment Gateways Market

Key Target Audience

Online Retail Companies

Third-Party Websites of Online Retail

Online Travel Companies

Online Payment Gateway Platforms

Government Association

Government Agencies

Private Equity and Venture Capitalist Firms

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2013-2018

Forecast Period: 2018-2023E

Companies Covered:

Taiwan Online Retail Market:

Momoshop (Fubon Group)

PCHome Online

Sea Ltd. (Shopee)

President Chain Store Corp

Apple Inc

Eastern Media International Corp

Rakuten Inc.

A.S. Watson Retail (HK) Ltd.

Far Eastern Department Stores Ltd

Yahoo! Inc.

Taiwan Online Travel Market:

Lion Travel Service Co. Ltd.

Cola Tours Group

Ez Travel Co. Ltd.

South East Travel Service Co. Ltd.

Agoda Co. Pte Ltd.

Taiwan Payment Gateway Market:




PayDollar (AsiaPay)


Key Topics Covered in the Report: –

E-Commerce Market Taiwan

Internet Retailing in Taiwan

Internet Travel Booking in Taiwan

Major Shopping Websites in Taiwan

Online Payment Gateway Taiwan

Online Retail Companies in Taiwan

Payment Service Providers Taiwan

Taiwan Corporate Travel Booking

Taiwan E-Commerce Market Share

Taiwan Online Travel Agencies

Taiwanese E-Commerce Market

PayPal Taiwan Payment Gateway Competitors

PayDollar (AsiaPay) Payment Gateway Market

Lion Travel Service Market Growth

Taiwan South East Travel Service

Taiwan Agoda Travel Market Report

For More Information on the Research Report, refer to below links: –

Taiwan E-Commerce Industry Growth

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