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UAE Cold Chain Market is Driven by rising Demand for Dairy, Meat and Pharmaceuticals and is Fuelled by the Increasing Number of Modern Grocery and Retail Stores in the Country: Ken Research

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication UAE Cold Chain Market Outlook to 2025 – By Cold Storage (Ambient, Chilled and Frozen Warehousing) and Cold Transport (Land, Sea and Air), By End User (Dairy Products, Meat and Seafood, Pharmaceuticals, Fruits and Vegetables and Others) and By Ownership (Integrated and Contract Logistics)“ believe that the Cold Chain market in UAE is expected to grow due to growth in the demand for food items, increase in manufacturing activity in the pharmaceutical industry and government initiatives to improve the logistics infrastructure in the country. The market has registered a positive CAGR of 6.6% in terms of revenue during the study period 2014-2019.
UAE_Cold Chain Market
“Increasing imports of meat and seafood and pharmaceuticals and rising consumer retail spending has driven the cold chain market in UAE”

Rising Imports of Food Products and Pharmaceuticals: Due to country’s arid climatic conditions, around 80.0% of the food requirements of country are met through imports from countries such as Brazil, India, USA and others. The country also imports a large quantity of pharmaceuticals and has a developing domestic production market of pharmaceutical supplies. In the last few years, the market also witnessed an impressive increase in the consumer retail spending in the country. According to the Global Storage Capacity Report of 2018, the consumer retail spending on grocery grew at a CAGR of 9.5% over the period 2012-2017.

Rising Prevalence of 3PL Companies: The market witnessed a strong demand for full-fledged integrated distribution centres that included logistics’ facilities, cold storage, dry storage and supporting retail facilities, as a result, demand for new-generation logistics facilities (built-to-suit) increased in the market and increase growth potential for 3PL companies that could handle stock distribution for companies with large and sophisticated supply chains. Currently, majority of the cold storage warehouses are concentrated in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, however it was witnessed that many 3PL companies were planning to expand their operations across other cities as well to exploit the rising opportunities in the sector.

Government Initiatives:  UAE’s economic Vision 2020 encompasses a comprehensive strategy of process streamlining, market liberalization, privatization, infrastructure enhancement, new free economic zones, governance and regulatory reforms, especially focussing on the logistics industry to maximize country’s strategic advantage to evolve into a global trans-shipment and logistics hub. By trade in the end user industry of the cold chain has been supported by the government permitting 100% Foreign Direct Investment and ownership in industries like food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, logistics and others. The UAE is avidly investing in development projects like the China-led global roads ways project “Modern Silk Route”, Etihad Railways which would function as a viable alternative to road cold transport in the Gulf region.

Key Market Segments Covered

By Type of Market

Cold Storage

By Temperature




By Major Areas





Others (Includes KIZAD and other Free-Zones and distribution markets)

By Ownership



By End-User Application

Dairy Products

Meat and Seafood


Fruits and Vegetables

Others( includes flowers and ornamental plant, confectionary products)

Cold Transport

By Mode of Transport




By Type of Transport



By Ownership



By End-User Application

Dairy Products

Meat and Seafood


Fruits and Vegetables

Others ( includes flowers and ornamental plant, confectionary products)

Key Target Audience

Cold Chain Companies

Logistics Companies

Government Associations

Express Logistics Companies

Industry Associations

Warehousing Companies

E-Commerce Operations

Investors and Private Equity Companies

Logistics Companies

Dairy Companies

Meat and Seafood Companies

Fruits and Vegetables Companies

Pharmaceutical Companies

Time Period Captured in the Report

Historical Period: 2014-2019P

Forecast Period: 2019P-2025E

Companies Covered

Gulf Agency  Company

Al-Futtaim Logistics

Hellman Worldwide Logistics

Global Shipping Logistics (GSL)

RHS Logistics

CEVA Logistics

Mohebi Logistics



Kuehne- Nagel

RSA Cold Chain

DB Schenker


Port Khalid Cold Stores

Verks Logistics


Sharjah Cold Stores

Key Topics Covered in the Report

UAE Cold Chain Market Overview

Infrastructure Analysis

Existing and Emerging Technologies

UAE Cold Chain Market Value Chain

UAE Cold Chain Market Size by Revenue, 2014-2019

UAE Cold Chain Market Segmentation and segment future, 2019-2025F

End user industry analysis and future growth potential

UAE Cold Chain Market Competitive Landscape

UAE Cold Chain Market Company Profiles of Major Players

Regulatory Environment

Industry Trends and Developments

Industry Issues and Challenges

Analyst Recommendation

UAE Cold Chain Market Future Outlook and Projections, 2019-2025F

UAE Cold Chain Market Analyst Recommendations

For More Information, refer to below link:-

UAE Cold Chain Market Research Report

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