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Top 4 players in US Black Carbon market


  1. Cabot Corporation: A leading contributor of US Black Carbon market since 1882. Their products are known to provide UV protection and conductivity.
  2. Birla Carbon: An Indian flagship business with more than 160 years of experience in the Black Carbon business.
  3. Continental Carbon Company: Providing Black Carbon products in lines of Industrial Rubber Carbon Black, Tire Rubber Carbon Black, and Specialty Carbon Black since 1936.
  4. Orion Engineered Carbons: Providing Black carbon products majorly in two areas, i.e., Rubber Black Carbon and Specialty Black Carbon for more than 160 years.
  5. According to Ken Research, the United States Black Carbon market is anticipated to become a ~USD 3 Bn. industry by 2028 by growing at a CAGR of ~2.5%.

The US Carbon Black market is rapidly growing and is anticipated to attain a significant level of growth in the upcoming years.

There are many reasons behind the growth of US Carbon Black market. Some of these reasons include increasing automotive sales, industrial growth and increase in urbanization rates, along with rise in the demand for rubber goods.

Various companies and players are contributing to their best efforts in the growth of the US Black Carbon market.

This article aims to put light on the contributions done by the major players towards the growth of the US Black Carbon market.

1.Cabot Corporation

US Carbon Black market forecast

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Founded in 1882, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, having more than 4000 employees worldwide, and presence in more than 20 countries along with a total revenue of USD 4 Bn. in 2022, this chemical company is a leading contributor of US Black Carbon market.

During 1993, their team was successful in developing a method or process of modifying carbon’s surface, which in turn allowed people to be able to change or modify the carbon surface with other chemicals.

This discovery also led to the development of various other technologies such as printer ink and inject colorants.

The products made by this organization has various applications in various fields such as consumer rubber products, adhesives & sealants, construction, digitalization, inject technology, oil, gas & mining, digitalization, fiber, plastics, tires, etc.

When it comes to Black Caron, this chemical company happens to be the largest producer of it. Some of the popular Black Carbon products offered by this organization include VULCAN, BLACK PEARLS, REGAL, MOGUL, ELFTEX, STERLING, MONARCH, etc.

One of the most amazing feature of their specialty carbons is that they are known to provide ultraviolet protection, and conductivity. Furthermore, these carbons are generally used in the areas of coatings, plastics, printing and packaging.

2.Birla Carbon

US Carbon Black market share

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Birla Carbon is one of the flagship business of the parent company Aditya Birla Group. This flagship business is the largest producer of carbon black and is a well-established business not only in the US Carbon Black but in the whole world when it comes to black carbon.

One of the interesting facts about this organization is that it has more than 160 years of experience when it comes to the Carbon industry. Moreover, this organization has 16 manufacturing sites, 2 corporate offices, 2 technology centers, and 8 offices situated in the whole world.

Their manufactured Black Carbon is primarily used in areas of Tires, Specialty Blacks, plastics, electronic products, and mechanical rubber goods.

Last year, they also have opened their remote black carbon showroom which is primarily done to get a knowledge of benefits along with applications of black carbon products.

Their black carbon primarily come in two types, i.e., Industrial and Rubber. Former’s products include COPEBLACK, RAVEN, and CONDUCTEX. While the latter’s products include STATEX and FURNEX.

Recently, they also announced that they aspire to achieve zero carbon emissions by the year 2050.

To achieve this aspiration, they are also following the Green Finance framework. Birla Carbon is also keen to achieve sustainability excellence. In fact, last year the celebrations for their decade of sustainable excellence were also done.

3.Continental Carbon Company

US Carbon Black market size

Headquartered in Houston, Texas; with more than 500 employees and presence in almost 15 countries, the Continental Carbon Company is a leading American company in the US Black Carbon market. This company has been in this market since 1936.

They have various lines of work within their Black Carbon range. Industrial Rubber Carbon Black, Tire Rubber Carbon Black, and Specialty Carbon Black are primarily the three of their product lines.

Their Industrial Rubber Carbon Black is suitable for many things such as flex strength for belts & hoses, weather stripping, abrasion resistance for footwear, and commercial roofing. The products in this line include N550, N650, N660, N683, N762 and N774.

Their Tire Rubber Carbon Black is primarily provides fuel mileage, abrasion resistance, treadwear, hysteresis. The products in this category include N234, N326, N330, N351, LH30, N550, N650 and N660.

Their Specialty Carbon Black typically provides conductivity, UV protection, and pigmentation. The products in this category primarily include SBX152, SBX252, SBX352, SBX452, SBX552, SBX652, SBX256, SBX656, SBX 251, and SBX351.

4.Orion Engineered Carbons

US Carbon Black market

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Operating in the Black Carbon market for more than 160 years, this German company is a well-established company in the US Black Carbon market. It has its headquarters situated in Luxembourg, Europe. On the other hand, its executive offices are situated in Houston, Texas, US.

This company was formed in the year 2011 when the Evonik Industries decided to sell off their Black Carbon business. Now this chemical company is known to be the pigment black’s largest producer, and rubber blacks’ third largest producer in the world.

Their product lines can be broadly divided into two categories: Rubber Black Carbon and Specialty Black Carbon. The former is primarily used in the tire industry while the latter is typically used paints, coatings, and lithium-ion batteries.

Footwear, Wiper Blades, Gaskets, Seals, Extruded Profiles, Tubes, Rubber flooring, Anti-vibration engine mounts, Seals, Belts, etc. are the primary applications of their Black Carbon products.

Their Black Carbon products primarily include Thermal Blacks, Furnace Blacks, Specialty Gas Blacks, Lamp Blacks, Acetylene Blacks, etc.


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