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US Game Streaming Market stand at $ 150 Bn in 2022. Will it be able to climb the ladder of Global Market Index?: Ken Research

The recent growing vast network of gamers, with the wake of Covid-19, game streaming has become a strong income for the game companies, which in turn leads to a growth to the market. Since 2020, market for game streaming is rising by ~11%, leading to a steady growth in selling of gaming consoles to selling games through online libraries.


  • The US Game Streaming market is flourishing monetization to ensure the growth of gamers, especially the game streaming industry.
  • Adoption of Streaming applications and an increase in internet penetration has marked the growth in this market.
  • A great increase in high end computers and consoles, leads to a high engagement towards gaming and E-sports.
  • Games Market is also marking the growth of Game Developing Companies.

US Game Streaming Market

1.The US Game Streaming market is flourishing monetization to ensure the growth of gamers, especially the game streaming industry.

US Game Streaming Market

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  • Gaming Industry has a particular revenue model that lets them earn seamlessly, providing safety via online transaction, marking a rise in the growth percentage.

For the game streaming industry to rise the Game developing companies need to flourish first. They have six different types of revenue models which makes the growth spike every month.

  • Revenue models exploited by the game developing companies for paid games are:
  1. Subscription Model- Which allows players to subscribe to the game or content in order to access it, making a revenue for the owner, per subscriptions.
  2. Paid Games for Order- Which allows players to buy the game into their online or digital libraries like Steam, Origin, etc. allowing individuals to keep the game to them once bought.
  3. Premium Model- It is a group of games that have a premium set of contents that needs to be bought using real money, which are sent directly to the owner, leaving 5% of the amount with the company.
  • Revenue models for the companies selling free-to-play games, are:
  1. a) Freemium- This is a certain model which allows the players to download a free to play games, but it will have certain advertisements in between, which once viewed generates a revenue and is transferred directly to the account.
  2. b) Battle pass- This is a separate section of content that can be brought using real money, present mostly in the free to play games. Almost 40% of total gamers go for buying battle pass as once bought, it offers currency to keep the pass going even when a season ends.
  • All these revenue model strive for an increase in the revenue generated from the number of people actively taking part in the games. Approximately 2 Bn gamers are actively participating in the gaming industry, making the market grow.

According to Ken Research, the rise in the Game streaming market came to rise like a flood owing to the wake of Covid-19. This first stage of a global pandemic shook the people restricting them to their homes, with almost 90% of the population not able to do anything other than stay at homes.

A steady decrease in the employment was recorded for the year, but with it a certain percentage of people rose to keep the income coming, known as “Gamers”.

 From teenagers to adults, girls to boys, many rose to invest their time in gaming, especially Competitive Games, which allows many players to team up at one time, making the engagement much more interactive.

With a current market size of $150 Billion in 2022, due to increased people streaming, the market is expected to grow exponentially in the upcoming year.

  • A gradual increase in high-end parts for computers, high end consoles (like PS and Xbox) and thousands of games selling on online game libraries are making people come out of the stereotypic buying and reselling, and keeping the games to them forever with secure digital payments, like PayPal etc.

This resulted in gamers to showcase their games online, trying to get global recognition, with at least 55% of streamers active and earning by 2021. With websites like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook etc, people gets to broadcast their skills in an online platform with a subscriber and viewer model of payment.

  • This rise in streaming has marked a rise in the growth of the budget in which companies like Twitch benefit from streamers, rising every year. Every streamer playing a game, lets the owner of the game earn a revenue while he is playing.

The games that have advertisements, such as the mobile games, have a subscription and in-app purchases model of monetization. Every individual opening the advertisement will let the owner of the game earn a certain percentage of money allowing them to grow.

While the in-app purchases are allowing players to buy in-game cosmetics, like ‘skins’, ‘agent dialogue package’, ‘emotes’, etc. which make their game playing look different than normal users and make their stream gain viewers and relative subscribers, resulting in an overall growth of the market.

2.Adoption of Streaming applications and an increase in Internet penetration has spiked the growth in this market.

US Game Streaming Market

  • Streaming requires high end computers and cameras. A streamer has to set his setups and also make a place amongst the game communities to get proper views for the particular game he/she is streaming at that moment.
  • Almost 40% of the online communities out there on online, social platforms are gamers, which enthuses every other gamer to stream and showcase their skills, leading for game streaming companies like Twitch, YouTube, GameCaster etc. to flourish due to people’s engagement.
  • Total global population as of present times is 8 Billion people, among which almost 64% of the total are having an internet connection at their home, with Northern Europe ranking first with 97% Internet Penetration, and among the total population almost 41% of them are gamers with high-end internet connection and stations to play. This significantly marks the growth pillar where people from diverse nations are buying game, game content and earning by streaming or recording video content.
  • Total of 60% of US population are gamers in today’s time and due to the presence of high end parts of computer and consoles. Live streaming has become a necessity for every gamer out there, streaming every other days in a week. With more high end computers and technologies being invented people’s engagement is increasing making the market grow.

3.A great increase in high end computers and consoles, leads to a high engagement towards gaming and E-sports.


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  • Gamers are equally spending on the parts and physical hardware, leading to an equal growth of the computer hardware stores, spiking their growth as well. The US computer hardware market has grown significantly than what it was. At present time, the gaming industry is pushing its limits and spread its chain networks to more distant countries where games are not yet available in that quantity like China, Belgium, etc.
  • For the non-availability of games in certain country, gaming communities came up with a new opportunity called “E-Sports”. This is a community of gamers who come together to setup tournaments and awareness about the rising games by holding live streams and podcasts just for games, so that people from different parts get to know about this and learn to engage more.
  • A small entry fee is taken, which is not considered to be a matter of concern for most of the gamers. Once even participated, people will know that person and will have a viewer’s system for their streaming, leading for the streamer to stream more and generate more revenue, for that company in turn to flourish more with more active users.

4.Game Streaming marks a rise of awareness for people to engage more towards Games.

US Game Streaming Market

  • Streaming has always been a best way for gamers to show their skills in a particular game. Above 20% of gamers in a particular community are well paid streamers, who earn at least $2000 a week, calculating to be a higher percentage of revenue annually.
  • Celebrities and influencers like SenTenz, ACEU, IitzTimmy, and SHROUD etc. broadcast their games and teach other players how to master their own skills in the games, and how to be a better streamer in order to get more views and subscriptions. A 7% rise in the streamers are seen with such influencers posting or live streaming about topics like this, prospering and fueling other gamers.
  • With the rise in streaming amongst communities, every gamer soon aspires to become a streamer, activating their monetization facilities and earn generated revenue. This makes a possible permanent player in this market, who will consistently earn and increase viewer’s engagement as well, resulting in an overall growth.


According to Ken Research, game streaming industry rises along with gaming industry, with the new technological advancements, heavier than usual internet penetration and larger human engagement towards this industry, leads to an overall growth in the market, leading to new streamers every month, who in turn gradually increase the streaming market’s revenue generated annually, and is growing ~11% annually.


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