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USA Blockchain Enabled Record Issuing Platform Market Outlook: Ken Research

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication “The USA Blockchain-Enabled Unilateral Record Transfer/Issuing Platform – Technology Disruptor in the Industry observed that there is a vast opportunity to disrupt the traditional record Issuing space. The report discusses the creation & feasibility study of a blockchain-enabled records/certificate issuing platform that can utilize the immutable nature of the blockchain technology to securely issue records & certificates. The platform could be a real disruptor in the traditional field as it eliminates various costs like printing, admin, logistics & more. The report further discusses the use of case scenarios in the public & private sector, competition analysis of current players in the industry & end-user perception via survey analysis.

Industry Overview

In 2020P, emerging tech adoption will continue the upward trend with technologies like AI, blockchain & machine learning picking up the pace. Blockchain is supposed to have the biggest impact as data collection & its sanctity becomes of the utmost importance. It is expected that spend on blockchain around the world will increase 3.5X in the next 3 years at a CAGR of ~50%. Currently, blockchain has ~ 2,500 patented products with the USA amounting to ~700 of those. Furthermore, the blockchain market size is expected to grow at ~30% in the coming 4 years.

Use case Segmentation

The report explores various use cases of a blockchain enabled records/certificate issuing digital platform in public & private sector while providing an in-depth analysis of their demographics, technology concerns & major pain points. In the public sector, we understand the utilization of the platform in four major segments, namely permits & licenses, user identification, vital documents & legal records. Furthermore the report comprises of 8 major industries such as BFSI, healthcare, education, energy & more.

Business Risks Faced

The major risk faced for such a platform is Resistance to Change from the organizations, hence traditional industries will need to persistently reached & there is also a need for further reforms to change the ecosystemLack of Awareness amongst industry stakeholders would also, require imparting necessary knowledge about blockchain & its uses in digital issuance of certificates & records. This type of platform is also way ahead of the current ecosystem. Though it provides a first-mover advantage to the creator of the platform but the efficient business execution becomes an important consideration as it is important  to curate different use cases for different end-users while planning strategic expansion & business models.

Product Planning & Strategies-The Way Forward

The report analyzes the product from its planning stage to its launch in the market. It starts with a feasibility study which helps in understanding the current pain points & current need while defining how such platforms can tackle the problem. From there it moves to product positioning strategies providing different ways of product offering, their features & evolving service portfolio & also promotion strategies focusing on adoption of such a platform with future adopters & other services to focus upon. Towards the end, it also provides a brief idea about pricing & business model which contains different monetization model & pricing policies

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Key Segments Covered (Use Case Analysis): –

Public Sector

Permits & Licenses

User Identification

Vital Documents

Legal Records

Private Sector




Business Services

Manufacturing & Retail

Entertainment & Hospitality



Key Target Audience

Hardware Technology Manufacturers

Software Technology Manufacturers

Cloud Storage Providing Enterprises

Public Institutions (Engaged in Issuance of Records)

Online Education Providers (Ed-Tech Companies)

IT Enterprises

BFSI Enterprises

Healthcare Enterprises

Universities & Schools

Hospitality & Entertainment Enterprises

Blockchain Industry Associations

Legal Service Providers

Manufacturing Enterprises

International Retail & maritime Shipment Providers

Blockchain Technology Software’s Providers

Engineering Service Providers

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: FY’2014-FY’2020

Forecast Period: FY’2020-FY’2025

Companies Mentioned:

Blockchain Enabled Record/Certificates Issuing Companies

Smart Certificate






Others include Blockcerts, Verisas & more

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

Analysis of Enterprise IT Infrastructure in USA

IT Expenditure – Macro Overview

IT Expenditure Breakdown

Major Focus in IT Infrastructure Expenditure

New Technology Trends which are expected to have the Biggest Impact

Blockchain Technology Growth & Current Infrastructure

Lifecycle of Blockchain

Current Adoption of Blockchain Infrastructure

End User Perspective towards Blockchain

End User Analysis of Blockchain Enabled Record issuing platform

Public Sector Analysis & Use Cases

Private Sector Analysis & Use Cases

Competition analysis of current Blockchain Enabled Record issuing platform covering Overview, API Analysis, Pricing Analysis, Platform Analysis

Perception based Survey analysis of USA based enterprises

Awareness of Blockchain & Security Needs

Security a Priority for Entities Utilizing Digital Solutions

Influencing Factors for Decision Makers

Gap Analysis in Current Secured Digital Solutions

Analysis of Current Digital Platform Usage

Major Benefits Availed from Adoption of Secured Digital Solutions

Analysis of Entities Utilizing Physical & Unsecured Methods

Analysis of Problems associated with Physical & Unsecured Issuance

Adoption of a blockchain enabled record issuing platform

Mass Adoption of blockchain enabled record issuing platform Dependent on Customized Features

Subscription Model Analysis

Availability of Customized Solutions

Product Strategies & Overview

Feasibility Study of a block chain enabled record issuing platform

Exhaustive Industry basis Use Case Analysis

Analysis of Product Features & Offerings

Product Promotion & Assessment of Target Audience

Pricing & Subscription Analysis

For More Information on the research report, refer to below link: –

USA Blockchain Enabled Record Issuing Platform Market

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