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Covid-19 Had A Positive Influence On the Sector, As The Volume of Orders and Income of US E-Commerce Logistics Businesses Surged Dramatically

  1. Market size of USA e-commerce logistics market showed before and after covid

USA E-Commerce Logistics Market

Increase in the number of orders and revenue of e-commerce logistics can be observed from 2019 to 2021. From groceries, gadgets, furniture to personal care products and clothing, individuals are increasingly turning to e-commerce websites instead of visiting physical stores. Consumer desire to purchase goods online has been driven by the ability to compare prices and product availability online. Rise in cross-border e-commerce and growth in Internet users are driving the USA E-Commerce Logistics Market. The high growth of same-day and next-day delivery, wherein airways are the optimal choice of transport, rise in real estate prices (warehousing space) and rising fuel prices(transportation) are some of the factors contributing to increase in average shipment cost over years.

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USA E-Commerce Logistics Market

  1. There are four types of e-commerce logistic model operating, namely: owned and fully dedicated air transport, air freight shippers, hybrid model and air parcel shippers.

Due to impact of online retail on business, sellers have started designing products and services dedicated to this segment, transforming and adapting to the different e-commerce logistics model. Success of e-commerce industry relies on convenience in shopping, variety of products, accessibility of global brands, round the clock service, easy payment options, and convenient delivery timings which has over-shadowed the traditional and conventional business style.


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